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Basic Information


Name: Yiva
Deed Name: Moonsinger
Player: allikat

Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Black Fury

Pack Name: Lily Guild
Rank: Cliath
Concept: Howls like an angel



Garou's Attributes

Physical Social Mental
Strength x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png
Dexterity x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png
Stamina x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png
Charisma x.pngx.pngx.pngx.pngo.png
Manipulation x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png
Appearence x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png
Perception x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png
Intelligence x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Wits x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png

Garou's Abilities

Talents Skills Knowledge
Alertness 2
Athletics 2
Brawl 3
Empathy 2
Expression 2
Leadership 1
Intimidation 1
Primal-Urge 3
Subterfuge 1
Animal-Ken 2
Etiquette 1
Larceny 1
Performance 3
Stealth 3
Survival 3
Enigmas 1
Medicine 1
Occult 1
Rituals 2

Garou's Advantages

Rites 1

Lupus: Heightened Senses: Rank One
Galliard: Call of the Wyld: Rank One
Black Furies: Wyld Resurgence: Rank One

Merits and Flaws
Danger Sense (Merit)
Common Sense (Merit)
Language (Merit) - English

Strict Carnivore (Flaw)


Level 1:
Last blessing
Gathering for the departed

Level 2:
Rite of Praise


3 Unspent

42 Spent

Garou's Known History

Coming from a small Caern of Healing some distance from Sweet Shelley, Yiva came to the city just before the first snows of winter 2014.

She is a slender black wolf born with mottled grey fur at her throat and along her belly. This reflects her mixed heritage, her grandmother left the Fenrir to join Pegasus.

The sept she is from is a somewhat strange one, as few of the homid born who spend time there to heal from any trauma stay permanently, most preferring to return to a slightly more urban setting. This results in almost the entire permanent population being Metis or wolf-borns.

Sadly as the urbanisation of the land continues, the Caern is a slightly isolated island of wilderness, which can only support a small permanent population. The majority of those born there who experience the change are sent on to other Caerns who may be in need of the numbers. This was the case with Yiva.

Unfamiliar with the ways of homids, she spent the first few weeks of her time sleeping on the Bawn in wolf form. She later moved in with Aednat and Chance to learn more about Homid ways, before being adopted into the Lily Guild pack.

Garou's Current State

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