What Ranks Mean

In this current time coming close to the Apocalypse the Garou have started to rush their cubs through Rite of Passage meaning that ranks might not mean what one would think they mean.

Cub: Rank Zero

Right out of the first change, a cub is likely to be put through Rite of Passage as soon as possible. Technically a cub isn't in a tribe until after their rite of passage but they will often be sent through to one as soon as possible.

A cub who takes too long to go through their Rite of Passage, such as one who is humming and hawing over what tribe to go into, will most likely be labelled a Ronin.

Any Cub who rejects their role of a Garou will be labelled a Ronin and allowed to crawl back if they like or not. In these final days, Warriors have no time to coddle the weak or those who would reject the duty Gaia Herself has chosen them for.

Cliath: Rank One

Right out of their Rite of Passage, the tribe will have given the new cub all the information they can and then thrown them at the spirits. If the Werewolf Grew up in Garou Culture then they will be sent to Rite of Passage immediately.

This means Claiths can go anywhere from knowing the legends of old and having a vast knowledge to only understand the basics of the Litany and WYRM Bad.

Cliaths are all still learning this can mean learning what Garou and Garou culture is about or learning how their bodies work and operate.

Fostern: Rank Two

A Fostern has proven that they understand the general Garou culture, the litany and how a pack works.

This means that the character has had enough time to make actions so that they have the renown. A Fostern can still not entirely fit in with their tribe and be working on their tribal culture.

In most respects, a Fostern should not need their hand held.

Adren: Rank Three

An Adren is comfortable with their Tribe and has had time to show they excel at their Auspice. An Adren is regarded as a Hero and has the right expect to be respected as such. Being comfortable with your tribe could mean for example being a Get of Fenris who as a Cliath felt all metis should be treated equally, now feels that honourable warriors should be treated with respect they have earned, metis or not. (a subtle change one means not having to prove anything, the other means everyone has to prove everything.)

A character who is uncomfortable with their tribe could not reach this rank; a Garou who doesn't fit should switch tribes to reach their full potential, or risk becoming labelled as Ronin.

Athro: Rank Four

The Garou has showing themselves to be an established of their tribe and a great member of their tribe, they have heroic actions and lived to talk about it. Galliards and kinfolk bards pay close attention to their deeds.

These are true tribal heroes.

Elder: Rank Five

The highest rank that can be earned; not only has the garou showing they are a hero who has the ideals of their tribe, but proven time and time again that they are a hero. Garou who achieve the rank of Elder are a shining example to the Nation of how to be one of Gaia's honoured warriors.

The thing that makes someone the ideal Garou for their tribe doesn't necessarily mean that they have to act like their elders believe or what other players believe. Please contact your ST and even the Storytelling staff if you want to have an open discussion of what makes your character and ideal for their tribe.

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