Vigdis Brown

Basic Information about Vigdis

Name: Vigdis Brown, Breaks the Yoke, Thrall of Fenris
Additional Names: Calliope Evangelina
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Breed: Homid

Pack Storyteller: Steve
Player: April Douglas moc.liamg|nwadlirparegnis#moc.liamg|nwadlirparegnis
Pack Affiliation: Alpha of Soldiers of Slaughter

Character fiction: Snippets of background and writing for Vigdis can be found at Snippets of Fiction.

Homid: Vigdis is hard, beautiful woman. She has long, thick dark hair that falls nearly to her waist, although she keeps it braided tightly back from her face. She has dark olive toned skin, speaking of her Black Fury heritage, and dark brown eyes. She is thin and willowy, yet her strength is apparent. Her body tells the story of a hard life, covered in scars. The most prominent being the scar that covers the right side of her face. It's obvious that something clawed her there, taking her right eye and marring her face. Claws, knives, klaives, bites and bullet scars riddle her body. Vigdis tends to dress in a comfortable manner that will allow her to fight at a moments notice. Jeans and tank-tops, leather jacket, heavy boots riddle her wardrobe.


Lupus: In lupus, Vigdis is a beautiful wolf with thick, luscious fur. She is gray and white and black with the same dark brown eyes.

Known History

Current State




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