The Black Furies

máv̱ro manía, μαύρο μανία

Fierce female warriors who guard Gaia's most secret places. The Furies hail from Greece though there are Furies throughout most of the world. Also known as Gaia's Avengers.

Default Auspice: Philodox


Basic Beliefs


The Black Furies are a hard nut to crack, one might just say feminists and leave it at that. Like any other group, political, ideological, or other wise, they have their extremists and moderate members. The core of things is wanting to show that women and femininity are equal to men and masculinity. The way that they do this is to show women being strong and highlighting femininity.

This is also echoed with their Metis, the Male Metis are encouraged to show traits that would normally be considered 'girlie' or 'feminine' however not completely be women.

Some people say that the Black Furies only want to help women but that isn't true. By showing that having feminine traits is a good thing, men who are also shackled by gender stereotypes can embrace those traits and everyone can be freed.

One of the things that often gets forgotten with all the gender politics when it comes to the Furies is that they defend the pure and secret places of Gaia. This means caerns, parks, and wilderness; natural habitats and echo systems.

Nature is just as important to the Furies as it is to tribes who one would think of first, such as the Children of Gaia and the Wendigo. Maybe the only Tribe that cares more about the Wyld is the Red Talons.

Pure Breed Traits

  • Dark Hair (Black or Brown)
  • Olive Skin
  • Dark or Brown eyes
  • Black fur with white patches
  • Wavy or Curly Hair
  • Fierce
  • Smooth Skin

Mark of Pegasus

Pure Breed Traits that are more a mark of Pegasus than Breeding.

  • Graceful
  • Glowing
  • Fiery Eyes

Political Landscape

The Political mind would think that the Furies divide would come from their views on men, however this is not the case. In recent years the Tribe has seen the Wyld Places vanishing and the coming Apoclypse. The High King of the Silver Fangs is mad. The Nation fights with itself.

The Tribe itself is starting to fill with despair, and some believe the only way to become strong and defeat the wyrm is to pull away from the Nation.


This group believes that the only action the Furies can make is to pull away from the rest of the garou, obviously what they are doing is not working. This can range all the way from what the other tribes are doing isn't helping to what the MEN are doing isn't working.

Depending on where the fault is seen the idea of how the Black Furies should go about things changes. Some of them believe the Tribe itself should merge with the Children of Gaia and pull back from Nation politics as one group. Others believe they should put out an open invitation to all females from all the tribes to join with them.

The Extreme is that the Black Furies should all leave completely and state they are no longer members of the Nation.


The Nonsectarian movement believes that the Nation needs the Furies, and some believe the Furies need the Nation as well. They make the majority of the tribe; ranging from Furies who just don't want change or to leave their packs, to Furies who are passionate that the Nation needs their advice.

On the one hand these Furies believe what they bring to the Nation is the feminine point of view, and that if they leave they will be abandoning all other women in the Nation leaving them with the men to represent the feminine all by themselves. Others believe that because some tribes like the Get of Fenris encourage everyone to express purely masculine traits, the Furies are the only true women in the Nation.

The more positive members of this movement believe that not only does the Nation need the Black Furies but the Black Furies need the Nation. If the Furies pull into themselves they will remove their knowledge from the Nation, but they will also remove the Nation's knowledge from themselves. All groups that pull into themselves and ignore the rest of the world seem to become deranged or stunted.

After all didn't the Purelands tribes believe they had defeated the wyrm?


Amazons of Diana

This is a more recent than most. The Amazons want to be seen and regarded as the best warriors in the Nation. They believe that the Furies should shut up about victims and gender politics and get on with killing the wyrm already.

Everything out there is bad so why don't we just go kill it all? It's a young person's idea and one that hasn't been crushed by generations of being a wave crushing against the shore. The Amazons tend to shun the hierarchy preferring to play by their own rules.

This ever growing camp embodies the stereotype of the Furies as angry warrior women, but in a fight they can be reliable allies. Otherwise not so much.

Bacchantes (or Maenads)

Gaia's Avengers in the most brutal sense of the term. Rapists, murders, child abusers. All should fear the followers of Bacchus. The Bacchantes would seem very much like the Amazons, though unlike the Amazons the Bacchantes are like a scalpel where as the Amazons are like a machete.

The Bacchantes tend to be more traditional and ally themselves with the Temple of Artemis. Though their traditions are not exactly what one would think. The Camp takes their job very seriously, but after they are done it's wine and naked dancing.

The Bacchantes still follow the God Bacchus and he is the Roman God of Wine and Parties. The Bacchantes work themselves up into a passionate fury which they either move towards vengeance for the innocents or drink wine and dance.

This Camp also favours Metis males with horns, they see these males as gifted by Bacchus and will even adopt them from other Tribes where they can, making them one of the groups in the furies with the highest number of men.


Often the message that the Wyld places need to be protected and preserved get's lost in the shuffle when it comes to a much less simply explained struggle, being feminine vs. having female sex organs in the Nation.

The Freebooters embrace this goal, they go from place to place searching out lost caerns and showing up to help defend caerns in need. To the Freebooters the true goal of the tribe isn't the one first stated in the party mandate, it's the Wyld.

The Freebooters embrace this and try to remind their sisters that while taking revenge as Gaia's Avengers is a noble thing, they might be over looking something else important.

Moon Daughters

One of the newest camps of the Furies, the Moon Daughters exist because of modern Pagan rituals. The recent trend of a Mother Goddess being embraced in the world is Gaia's true face showing through to the world in their minds, and they seek to bring their Goddess to the world.

Showing the reflection of the Wyld, the Moon Daughter believe that the old rituals of the Garou need to be updated to reflect a modern spiritual world.

The Moon Daughters don't just seek to bring Gaia to the forefront but also other female Goddesses, feeling that the divinity of women has been ignored. Many know that Zeus is King of the Gods but who know Hera is the Goddess of Marriage?

Who is Odin's Wife? Who is foremost among the goddesses?

It is the age of female divinity and the Moon Daughters are there to show the way and raise awareness.

Order of Our Merciful Mother

Christian Furies? They started out when the religion was sweeping the globe; instead of going into hiding they joined up, becoming nuns, and getting their male kin to become priests. This group has received a lot of criticism for joining the oppressors or siding with them.

The Order is more than just Christian. The Order has much like Voodoo or Rituals in many countries with pagan origins much of the Furies rituals and customs are dressed up Garou Customs. This has allowed them to bring mortals into their flock and teach much more easily.

The Group also doesn't sit around doing nothing. These are the Church Groups who feed the homeless, and teach women coming from third world countries. They use the structure of the Church for their own mandates, such as women’s shelters.

Working with and for the man has done the Furies rather well, it also puts them in a great position to cut corruption out of the Church, maybe even literally with claws once and awhile.

The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood is a group who take advantage of the social side of women, working in groups gabbing and gossiping is a female coded set of behaviours and the Sisterhood camp not only take advantage of this but work it.

This group makes contacts, money, allies using their connections and information gathering to benefit the tribe. If you need something they are often the best place to go. The sisterhood embrace modern communication methods to achieve their goals.

These Furies will Tweet, Facebook and Vblog with the best of the Glass Walkers.

This camp is notable in that they are also a Kinfolk Society, seeing the abilities of its members when it comes to socializing and achieving goal behind the scenes as more important then gender or Garou status, and some times even Tribe.

The Sisterhood will work with the kinfolk of other tribes and almost anyone making their information networks some of the best in the Nation.

Temple of Artemis

The Temple values wisdom and experience above all else. This maybe why they rarely if ever allow anyone of Fostern rank to join them and never ever Cliaths.

The Temple sees most other camps as running around like mad men. Trying the same thing over and over again, always banging their heads against the wall while the Wyrm gains power.

The Temple uphold the traditions of the Furies and believes the biggest issue facing the Nation today is too much inter mingling between tribes. Each Tribe has a respectable responsibility and purpose, mixing the tribes and mixing the packs holds that back and allows the wyrm to succeed.

The Furies must clean their own House before worrying about others and the Temple has declared themselves the ones to do so.

Secret Societies

Sons of Pegasus

Mostly a rumour, the Son's of Pegasus are suppose to be a sect of Non-Metis Males who have still been allowed to stay in the Tribe. These men are rumoured to have taken drastic measures to remove what makes them rejected by Pegasus.

It's rumoured that through self mutilation the men in this camp are Eunuchs. This may only be a rumour and if it is not it's unlikely that the group will continue for very long given that they cannot traditionally reproduce.

The rumour has made things hard for male metis who have no immediately noticeable deformity as there maybe some suspicion they are members of this group.



Male Kinfolk can range from Political Pawns to House Husbands.

The Male kinfolk are considered useful, normally to take over jobs that women had a hard time entering in society. Some times they take over occupations where they can spread the mandate of equality.

Teachers, councilors, doctors, politicians, priest.

When a man is the mate of a Fury Garou he is expected to keep an eye on the children, care for the house and bring in the house hold income, much like any kin in any tribe.

This is not to say that they are not ever abused, but this abuse would be similar to that of a female kin with an abusive male garou in another tribe.

Male Kinfolk in the Sisterhood would be treated more like equals while male kinfolk in the Temple of Artemis would be traditional House husbands.


Female Kin in the Furies often seem to have an odd place, the tribe is all about feminism but a female kin cannot mate with a Fury. The female kin can be home-bodies if an elder needs a nurse, but other than that they seem oddly out of place.

Many female kin in the Furies will go out and get themselves knocked up by male Garou who's qualities they like from other tribes, they will then return home and if their suitors cry that the kin have run off with their children, the Furies will declare a violation of territory.

This isn't to say a Fury Kinfolk might not venture out and find a mate among another tribe, but very often the Kin will looking mainly for a segregate father. Often they target mated males or ones who are given to wander.

Female kin can have any job they wish, normally not mandated by their family unless there is someone who needs care in the family and they are the only available kinfolk. Female kin generally have the full backing of their tribe to do what they wish to do.

Additional House Rules Info

Rome Not Our Fault

Romulus and Remus yes the mythical twins were found in the forest by the Furies, the mother wolf who raised them in the wood? A Fury Lupus. The Furies understood that the two children of Mars were special and could change the world.

The Furies had hoped they would created a great city that would help equality and humanity.

The two started out by arguing over where the city should be and brother slew brother. Then when Rome was finally built it began with the kidnapping of women from another city.

To put it mildly this caused the Furies to wash their hands of Rome and be disillusioned with men as a whole for a long time.

Sea Horse Fetish

The Seahorse Pouch is a Kinfolk fetish that can only be used by a man. The fetish allows a man to carry a child for a female garou. The pouch must be made from animal skin and properly cured, and then marked with the glyph for the seahorse and a love poem.

There is some question whether or not this fetish causes the man to count as a “Mother” since the pouch does not simulate labour nor cause the man to lactate.

The couple who wish to conceive must dance under the light of the moon together to before the dawn the male kin then rolls willpower to activate the fetish.

Each morning the female Garou must return with food for her mate and embrace him, rolling gnosis to help the child continue to receive sustenance.

After 9 months the child is born. The male cannot remove the pouch and the female must check on her mate daily or else the child will die.

General Behavior

This is to give a good well rounded view of the tribe. Not everyone in every tribe is an angel and not everyone is a devil. So here is how the furies act at their very best and their very worst. These are the extremes; player characters and NPCs should be somewhere on the scale between these two points.


The best side of the furies is someone who has a kind empathic motherly side and cares greatly for others and the environment. She is sensitive and encourages everyone else to be so, from the Get of Fenris Ahroun to the Wendigo Philodox. She also… carries a HUGE axe.

The best of the Black Furies show that female qualities are strong by having them and being strong. This is not a submissive person but an understanding one. She doesn't need to be rescued but her words of caring will save other from despair and anger.


The Worst of the Furies are literal man-haters. If a man does anything, they will always see the worst in it and react with a hair trigger. Woman are encouraged to be more emotional than men. These woman show it by being judgmental and cutting down others' arguments without even listening to it.

These women will not bow to a male leader even if they are a good leader, even if this means they break the Litany. Woman have long been ground under the heel of man and now it's THEIR turn to do the grinding.


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Why No Dudes?

In the Furies, the goal is to show that a Tribe and society can be run by women. The tribe quite frankly wants women in charge and their men to show that they can be kind and sensitive and showing they can be submissive. If you meet all the criteria to be a male in the Black Furies… you're basically a Child of Gaia.

Why would mothers keep their sons to from advancing when there is a place they can be sent or signed up where they fit in perfectly and can become great leaders? This is more an act of love then exclusion.

And if you don't want to be a Child of Gaia? How would you fit in with the Tribe anyways?

What is the Difference Between Furies and Valkyries?

The fundamental reason these two groups are difference is in a value of feminine qualities. The Furies do not see traits, like weeping over a fallen pack mate, trying to talk someone down before fighting them or other things classically called girlie, as weak. The Get of Fenris on a whole generally do.

This makes the Furies a group who embrace that they are women warriors vs. the Valkyries who try to be as good as male warriors by acting as men.

Unless you are an Amazon of Diana then there really isn't a difference.

What Groups Have Fury Influence?

The most recognized one is the Children of Gaia, for generations the tribe has been picking up men and male lupus who have shifted. The Children echo the sensitivity towards other but without their tendency towards favouring one gender.

The Black Furies also claim that they donated their high purebreed males to the Silver Fangs. This would mean that the Silver Fangs with Black Fury Influence would be Wise Heart. They are another group who are in a way in touch with feelings and very spiritual, much more spiritual leader than war lords.

This shows a trend in the groups who have Fury connections or Fury heritage, they tend to be less aggressive and noticeably so.

Not Spartans?

No the Fury mentality is nothing like that of the Spartans. The Spartans were actually very mean people and not so much kick ass warriors. They had slaves and treated women very poorly.

You can look up more information on the Spartans can be found all over the web, and they have more in common with the Get of Fenris than the Furies.

300 Movie Vs. Real Life

Can Furies Talk back to Male Leaders and Ignore the Litany?

Not without being punished like everyone else.

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