Timothy Ray O'Fallon - WIP

Name Timothy Ray O`Fallon
Deed Name Sorrow That Walks
Player Megs

Breed Homid
Auspice Ahroun
Tribe Fianna
Pack Name
Concept Cearn Guard

Physical Primary
Strength 3
Dexterity 3
Stamina 4

Social Secondary
Charisma 2
Manipulation 3
Appearance 3

Mental Tertiary
Perception 3
Intelligence 2
Wits 1

Talents Primary
Alertness 3
Athletics 1
Brawl 3
Empathy 1
Intimidation 1
Primal-Urge 3
Subterfuge 1

Skills Secondary
Animal-Ken 1
Drive 1
Etiquette 2
Firearms 2
Melee 2
Stealth 2

Knowledges Primary
Investigation 2
Occult 1
Rituals 1

Backgrounds Pu
re Breed 2
Resources 1
Totem 1 (totem yet to be discovered)
Rites 1

Breed Gift (Homid)
Auspice Gift (Ahroun)
Falling Touch
Tribe Gift (Fianna)
Faerie Light

Renown: Glory 2
Renown: Honour 1
Renown: Wisdom 2

Rage 5
Gnosis 2
Willpower 5

Wolf Sight (1)
Ambidextrous (2)
Language (1) Gaeilge/English

Nightmares (1)
Inferiority Complex (1) <- needs to be submitted for, K:UH
Outsider (2) <- needs to be submitted for, K:UH

Other Traits

Rite of Cleansing

Notes and Other
Tim was brought up by very strict father and loving mother. His father placed great pressure on him to follow in his footsteps serving a cearn and mother gaia. Being very traditional in his beliefs on how things should be run. Meanwhile he had a very doting, coddling him whenever her husband wasn't looking. He still might be here if it wasn't that. Not at his post, his mother calling him away, the cearn was attacked and the place mostly destroyed, only a lucky or unlucky (in his case) few serviced the massacre of spirals. After a lengthy investigation it was ruled by the tribal council that he was to leave the cearn and never come back. With the death of his parents he had no one to turn to so he left with the clothing on his back and sought out a new lift for himself far from what he's even know.

Born Tuesday, 13 June 1995
Mother Áine — (AN-yuh or AW-ne)
Father Tiomóid — (TEE-mohd)
Both parents deceased
No siblings
Born and raised in a cearn in Galway Ireland.
Trained from a guard position from the moment he discovered he was garou.
Tim is selfless and loyal. Learning from his mistakes in the past will
only make him a stronger serven for Gaia. Hoping in the future he can
make amends for his past misdoings, namely let his cearn be attacked and his parents killed.

Freebie Use
3 in willpower
2 in gnosis
2 in wisdom
5 in attributes
4 in abilities

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