Tengu Extras


Eyes of the Flock

Level Two, Mystic
The Corax using this rite can use the eyes of other corvids to see everything.

System: When the rite is successfully performed, the rite-master and any other participants can see through the eyes of every raven, crow, rook, and other corvid within (Gnosis) miles. The sensory load is enormous but can be shared among the participants. The Corax leading the rite rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 9, -1 for every two additional participants) to sift through the overwhelming visual input to find what she is looking for.

Rite of the Sun’s Bright Ray

Level Two, Mystic
After twenty minutes of somber dancing and chanting prayers to Helios, the Corax brings the light of the sun into the world. Helios’s warm radiance blooms into life around the Corax — even in the dead of night, deep underground, or in the middle of a vampire-owned nightclub.

System: This rite has no cost. The player makes a standard Wits + Rituals roll (difficulty 7). The borrowed sunlight shines out from the point where the Corax stands at the conclusion of the rite, illuminating everything within a 20 yard (20 meter) radius. It lasts for one hour per success on the activation roll, and persists even if the Corax leaves the area.

Rite of the Fetish Egg

Level Two, Mystic
The most important of all Corax rites, the Rite of the Fetish Egg births a new wereraven into the world. The binding requires a feather or hair from the “parent” with which to bind the spirit egg to the Corax-to-be. If anything happens to the egg or the binding before the First Change, the results are spiritually and psychologically devastating.

System: This rite can only be performed in the Umbra, and requires a witness of the breed opposite that of the Corax “parent.” The Corax spends three hours and three permanentGnosis creating the spirit egg, then another hour binding it to the soul for which it is intended. If the rite is interrupted at any point, the Gnosis is lost and the rite fails.

Rite of Memory Theft

Level Four, Punishment
This rite is reserved for only the greatest of all Corax screw-ups. It requires a small, empty wooden box, preferably painted with scenes from the target’s life. At least three Corax, including the one performing the rite, must surround the target (who is generally bound or subdued). The box is then opened and a litany of the victim’s deeds is sung. As each event is named, the memories of that moment fly from the victim into the box, along with all associated memories, until the victim’s mind is emptied of everything beyond his First Change. The rite is all-or-nothing — it cannot be used to excise only specific memories. The ritemaster must then seal and crush the box, at which point all of the memories contained within become his.

System: This rite costs a point each of Gnosis, Willpower, and Rage, and lasts for as long as it takes to sing away the deeds of the victim. It also requires a contested Willpower roll (difficulty 8) between the ritemaster and the victim, though each additional Corax present lowers the ritemaster’s difficulty by 1, to a minimum of 3. This rite may only be used on other Corax. Of all Gaia’s children, none are more attuned to the cycle of life, death, and rebirth than her ursine brood, and they alone were trusted with Her greatest gift — the power over life and death itself.


Level Three, Gnosis 8
The Corax claim to have invented this fetish — in truth, they stole a prototype from a Glass Walker and they quickly improved upon the design. The fetish is made from a normal smartphone with a Chimerling bound within. The uPhone works as a normal smartphone anywhere on earth, without charging the wereraven for calls or data use. When activated it can call other uPhones regardless of distance, even between Umbral realms or across the Gauntlet.


Double Draught
(2-pt. Merit)
Unlike most Corax, the character can drink from both of a dead man’s eyes, seeing the best and the worst of the corpse’s death.


Corax rarely stick with any single Mentor for an appreciable length of time, and dismiss Pure Breed as elitist nonsense. They have no pack or personal Totems, either; Raven claims each Corax for his own, granting them one free dot of Athletics, Enigmas, and Subterfuge. In return he asks only that they whisper each secret they learn into the air, that he might hear it as well. Corax can, of course, purchase the Secrets and Umbral Maps Backgrounds (see “Shared Backgrounds,” p. 212).


Exactly what it says totally Secrets.

A small but noteworthy secret a secret affair, a hidden sexual orientation, a minor crime.
•• A moderate secret. The human identities of a Garou pack, the whereabouts of a criminal on the run, a significant crime, or evidence of two Garou sleeping together. Alternately, a few minor secrets.
••• A substantial secret, or equivalent amount of lesser secrets. A matter of life and death or utter ruination for someone. The location of a lost fetish that someone needs to stay lost. The identity of a murderer of one or more Fera.
•••• A heavy secret, or equivalent amount of lesser secrets. The location of a national fugitive, a vampire’s “little black book” of contacts, the location of a Gurahl.
••••• An enormous secret, or equivalent amount of lesser secrets. A high-level Pentex plot. The location of a legendary cursed fetish. The secret weakness of an Incarna.

Umbral Maps

Maps of the Umbra

A few safe paths and refuges. The character enjoys –1 difficulty to rolls to navigate the Umbra.
•• Several routes to common destinations. As Level One, plus once per story the character can re-roll a failed attempt to navigate through the Umbra.
••• Safe zones, routes to virtually any place, and knowledge of where notto go. –2 difficulty to rolls to navigate the Umbra, plus one re-roll per story.
•••• Several safe places and refuges, extensive knowledge of Umbral paths and dwellers in those areas. –2 difficulty to rolls to navigate the Umbra, plus two re-rolls per story.
••••• No one knows the Near Umbra like the character. –3 difficulty to rolls to navigate the Umbra, plus three re-rolls per story.
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