Tagalong Elegant

The Bone Gnawer may gain the benefit from a sept or a pack totem they are not attached to that would normally be reserved for their children.

The Bone Gnawer must know the name of the totem in question. He must also prostrate himself before the Caern's center or the pack's leader and wiggle forward on his stomach like a begging dog. The player rolls a Physical challenge.

The numbers of successes needed varies based on the totem's opinion of the Bone Gnawer, which is left to the Storyteller's discretion. Success indicates that the character gains the previously mentioned benefits for one day, and that the totem will not look favorably on a Garou who mistreats the Bone Gnawer without cause.

This Gift usually won't cause any bad feelings from the sept or pack in question as long as the Bone Gnawer minds his manners. However, using it too often certainly will.

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