City Of Sweet Shelley

This is an Outline of Neighborhoods and Territory contained inside the city. Each Neighborhood has been coloured coded and numbered, when a pack picks a territory they will make a page for it and add important places in their territory. This way the players are in fact making their own territory as they go along. Red is for the most Dangerous and Run down parts of the city and Violet is for the Richest most Prestigious Neighborhoods.

Most Dangerous to Least

  • RED
  • BLUE

Neighborhood 01: Central Business District

Colour: Blue
Other Supernaturals:

Sweet Shelley's Central Business District still reflects its glorious days as the financial center of the New World. The buildings are neo-classical monuments to Sweet Shelley's past. The banks, stock exchange and other financial organizations are severe, solid buildings that are almost devoid of decoration. Huge-columned entrances and minuscule windows impart the feeling that humans are a rather insignificant part of these institutions. The other buildings in this area soften this impression, but do not eliminate it.

Included in the Central Business District are the largest of Sweet Shelley's banks. The better-known museums include:

Butler Museum of Modern Art
Sweet Shelley Art Institute
Sweet Shelley Museum of Natural History

Most of the live theater in Sweet Shelley City may be found in this area. The Sweet Shelley Twin Towers, at 1350 feet high apiece, are Sweet Shelley's tallest buildings. Many broadcasting companies use the Towers' heights as the site for their transmission towers.


Neighborhood 02: The Lower East Side

Colour: Red
Pack: the Lesser
Other Supernaturals:

The Lower East Side is a collection of railroad yards and workers' housing, which was built in the 1890's. Almost every building is brick and time has turned the bricks to a dark reddish-gray color. Most of the buildings no longer have the amenities associated with urban living: running water, electricity, gas, or cable TV. Few of the railroad tracks that crisscross this neighborhood are in use and the wharfs no longer accommodate any kind of commercial shipping of a legitimate nature. The area is mostly populated by transients and smugglers.


Neighborhood 03: Chelsea

Colour: Green
Pack: Honourable Claws
Other Supernaturals:

Chelsea was originally the area where the wealthy had their summer homes. As Sweet Shelley grew, the wealthy moved elsewhere and Sweet Shelley declined, at least in the eyes of the rich who once lived there. It has never become a slum and the varied architecture and small cloisters of buildings attracted much of Sweet Shelley's intellectual and artistic talent. These were people who could not yet afford to live elsewhere, or who simply preferred to live in a supportive community. In the last decade, the neighborhood has become a popular region with young urban professionals as well as artists.

Sweet Shelley University lies on the northeast edge of This Neighborhood.


Neighborhood 04: East River

Colour: Orange
Other Supernaturals:

East River was a fashionable neighborhood in the 1930's. Gangsters and the nouveau riche mingled at parties which would fill the next day's scandal sheets. The notoriety of East River eventually caused its decline as the gangsters and the law battled for control of the neighborhood. Those who could move away did. Today, the area is a low-rent district with more than its share of youth gangs. .


Neighborhood 05: Northhook

Colour: Violet
Other Supernaturals:

Sweet Shelley's most exclusive neighborhood, is comprised of large single-family homes and mansions on multi-acre estates, the richest of which have several hundred acres of land surrounding the home. the Neighborhood is renowned as a playground of the rich and famous, boasting several yacht yards and the Sweet Shelley Tennis Hall of Fame. Strangely, the residents of this Neighborhood have resisted the tendency towards snobbishness that might be expected from residents of such a posh area and many actively participate in public programs.


Neighborhood 06: Bryanttown

Colour: Orange
Other Supernaturals:

Bryanttown is considered a slum area. It was originally a working-class neighborhood which deteriorated due to a combination of fate and bad policy. Several housing projects exist in Bryanttown, which were poorly planned and poorly executed. Rent control and absentee landlords compounded the problem, lowering the quality of the housing stock and increasing the amount of arson. The final blow to Bryanttown was the construction of Sweet Shelley State Prison on the former site of a run-down warehouse. The prison, nicknamed "The Tombs", sent property values plummeting and drove most of the remaining decent citizenry away.

Recently some residents of Bryanttown have taken steps to improve their neighborhood, but these improvements are small oases of life in a general setting of decay.


Neighborhood 07: Chinatown

Colour: Indigo
Pack: None
Other Supernaturals: Beast Court

Chinatown is more than just a tourist attraction. It remains a solid Chinese community, even though many of its residents are third-generation Americans. More than any other neighborhood in Sweet Shelley, Chinatown lives by its own standards. They do not impose these standards on non-residents, but when the city's laws and procedures conflict with the tradition of Chinatown, the residents here choose their own method of handling things. Chinatown is one of Sweet Shelley's most crime-free neighborhoods.

China Square
Tokyo Row
New Mumbai


Neighborhood 08: Old Docks

Colour: Violet
Pack: Sisterhood of the Wolf
Other Supernaturals: Mages

The old docks and older British Naval barracks have been razed or renovated as part of the Neighborhood's rehabilitation project. Much of the renovations to the neighborhood have been sponsored by the Sagus Foundation and its chairman, Indigo Boleslav. The Sagus Foundation Building looks over the neighborhood, which is home to some of Sweet Shelley's most exciting night spots and trendiest restaurants. Housing is varied, from single-family dwellings to multi-unit apartment buildings.

Eidolon Park
Red Blazer Night Club

S'en and Ginger's Apartment
Skeggjold's Forge


Neighborhood 09: Midtown

Colour: Green
Other Supernaturals:

Midtown is an ethnic neighborhood in transition. Once the first stop for Czechs, Poles, and other Eastern European immigrants, Midtown is now Sweet Shelley's point of entry for Southeast Asian and Hispanic immigrants. The neighborhood is residential, with the typical sorts of businesses found in an urban residential center.


Neighborhood 10: Waterfront

Colour: Blue
Other Supernaturals:

The Waterfront is one of the areas of Sweet Shelley that has actually improved over the last decade. Many of the docks have been enlarged to accommodate the new freighters and supertankers, allowing all but the very largest ships to dock in Sweet Shelley.

The increased economic activity has has given companies and incentive to invest in these storage facilities, and the civic authorities the motivation to keep crime out of the Waterfront. Much of the illegal activity which used to be centered here has moved to the Lower East Side, but a few hardy criminals, or those with legitimate businesses, continue to operate along the waterfront.

The streets of the Waterfront have been widened to allow large trucks better maneuverability. The warehouses are constructed of aluminum siding over a steel skeleton, although a few old brick buildings still exist.

There is no residential housing in the Waterfront, but a few transients live there.

The docks themselves are equipped with cranes and bulldozer-like vehicles used to tow huge skids of cargo. There are dozens of forklifts around the docks. These forklifts are usually kept behind a chain link fence when not in use.


Neighborhood 11: Uptown

Colour: Indigo
Other Supernaturals:

Uptown was once the neighborhood in which to live in Sweet Shelley, but that position has been usurped by other Neighborhoods. It has not deteriorated so much as it has become socially mixed. You can find the professional, the factory worker, the small shop owner, the very rich and the rather weird all living in Uptown. Residential hotels that charge several thousand dollars a month in rent are next to free legal clinics and a Porche 911 Turbo will often be found parked next to a Dodge Omni. Uptown is a very tolerant neighborhood and the mix of people here makes it the most vibrant of Sweet Shelley's neighborhoods. At least, in the opinions of Uptowners, that is.


Neighborhood 12: The Bowery

Colour: Red
Other Supernaturals:

The Bowery was originally a farm owned by, the founder of Sweet Shelley. The British burned the farm after the owner refused to pay the taxes to the crown, he was killed in the fire.

The Bowery has an unsavory reputation ever since the days of old. The majority of ghost stories that make the rounds in Sweet Shelley have their origin in the Bowery.

Unlike other districts of Sweet Shelley, the Bowery has never had any glory days. Many of Sweet Shelley's most notorious criminals took advantage of the superstitions surrounding the Bowery to cover for their criminal activities.


Neighborhood 13: Glendale

Colour: Indigo
Pack: The Lily Guild
Other Supernaturals:

Glendale was a separate town until the late 1930's, when it was annexed to Sweet Shelley. It still has the flavor of a city-within-a-city, with a central post office, city hall (now the offices of state representatives and county officials, including the Sweet Shelley County Sheriff's Department,) and a downtown area which is a miniature version of Sweet Shelley's Central Business District. Many Glendale residents still believe that Glendale is a separate entity, calling Sweet Shelley "the other city."

Glendale is the location of the Glendale Institute of Technology (G.I.T.), one of the finest in the country. G.I.T.'s students have a fierce but hopeless sports rivalry with Sweet Shelley University. Their infamous cheer goes, "They scored again, well that's okay, they'll all work for us someday!"


Neighborhood 14: Evanstown

Colour: Indigo
Other Supernaturals:

Evanstown still has the atmosphere of a small town, with single-family houses on one-half acre plots predominating and no buildings rising more than four stories. The crime rate here is remarkably low and the community spirit is high. Evanstown has four times as many little league teams (in sports as diverse as baseball, soccer and curling,) as any other neighborhood in Sweet Shelley.


Neighborhood 15: Irving Grove

Colour: Indigo
Pack: Blood of Heroes Sept Territory
Other Supernaturals:

Irving Grove is an upper-middle-class neighborhood, with small housing developments on the edge of Sweet Water Forest Preserve.

The Sweet Water Forest Preserve, now a national park, was established by Dashkov, a wealthy manufacturer who wanted to preserve some of the woodlands which had once completely surrounded Sweet Shelley. The Forest Preserve is a nice, quiet, pleasant place with paths for biking and hiking. It is also rumored to contain the loot from two of Sweet Shelley's most famous crimes: the DeSilver Armored Car Robbery of 1974 ($4.4 million), and the Royal Canton Jewel Heist of 1960 ($3.6 million.)

This is also the location of the Ghostwood Caern.

Coco Dharma A desert shop that specializes in chocolate a Block from the Caern.


Neighborhood 16: Shelley Village

Colour: Orange
Pack: Urban Legends
Other Supernaturals:

Recently renamed, the character of the area is best described by its former title: Sweet Shelley Industrial Park. After a failed attempt to attract new industry to Sweet Shelley, the city has tried to convert the area into low-rent housing. The neighborhood has several respectable housing developments, but the district is one of the grayer districts of Sweet Shelley. Several Shelley Village residents have moved back to Bryanttown rather than live in Shelley Village.

Other Places of Interest:

  • The House: a run down house that appear to be a crack house the Bone Gnawers spy on to separate victims from abusers.
  • Local Host: General Pack Hang Out, a Cyber Cafe owned by Glass Walker Cousins
  • Ian's Apartment Building
  • Wolfgang's House

Neighborhood 17: Somerset

Colour: Green
Pack: Running Water
Other Supernaturals: Fae

The district still retains its Swedish character. A Nordic enclave from the time the British took the then distant city of Sweet Shelley, immigrations in the 1880's and the 1950's have infused Sommerset with sufficient new blood to keep its heritage intact. An annual Swedish Celebration is held each May and the Sommerset Shakespearean Festival, held June through September every year, is renowned throughout the country. The Festival is held in an outdoor amphitheatre said to have been used by the Indians for centuries before immigrants arrived in the New World. Despite the modernization necessary to attract Sweet Shelley's audience, the natural beauty of the amphitheatre is still evident. Many actors claim that there is a special feeling - a spiritual aura to the amphitheatre - which boosts their performances.

North of Sommerset, on an acre of secluded woodland, is the Asylum, which includes a high security wing for the criminally insane.


Neighborhood 18: Scituate

Colour: Green
Pack: Onyx Storm
Other Supernaturals:

The name Scituate is derived from the English version of the Swedish approximation of an Indian word meaning "long lake." The tidy little suburb was named after a lake that dried up long ago, and mostly houses the workers employed in the factories of Lyntown. The decline of industry in the area has caused Scituate to slide a bit itself.

The bright spots of the districts are the sports facilities. Sweet Shelley Stadium is the home of the Wildcats, Sweet Shelley's professional football team. The Sweet Shelley Blades - a not so successful hockey team - plays in Herod Arena. Sweetwood Field, home of the Mighty Knights baseball team, recently had lights installed, allowing the first night game in its history to be played. Dean Stadium has stood vacant since the Sweet Shelley Rampage, an abysmally poor soccer team, went bankrupt and folded. However, the Sweet Shelley Gorillas of the Indoor Football League recently announced to play in Dean Stadium, bringing with them all the guts and glory of the "iron man indoor war."


Neighborhood 19: Lyntown

Colour: Orange
Other Supernaturals:

"Lyntown is the buckle of the rust belt!" This editorial headline in the Sweet Shelley Star accurately describes Lyntown. This industrial section contains dozens of abandoned factories and warehouses, rail reduced to contours of rust and furnaces which saw their last loads of coke and coal more than fifteen years ago. Some of the factories are still operating but these are in the minority.

The abandoned factories and warehouses often house illegal manufacturing operations such as drug refineries, "chop shops" for stolen automobiles and machine shops where untraceable weapons are manufactured.


Neighborhood 20: Victoria Place

Colour: Blue
Other Supernaturals:

Victoria Place is Sweet Shelley's answer to the Silicon Valley. Sweet Shelley helped finance this area, partly to combat the spread of the Bowery. This strip is jammed with small factories and mid-sized companies, all outposts on the technological frontier. They are more open than some super-secretive organizations and they maintain good relations with the people in the neighborhood and the adjacent areas of other neighborhoods.


Neighborhood 21: Little Stockton

Colour: Green
Pack: Soldiers of Slaughter
Other Supernaturals:

Like Lyntown, Little Stockton was once bustling with heavy industry. Unlike Lyntown, however, Little Stockton has tried to adapt by taking a "middle tech" approach. The manufacturing companies began to specialize in producing special materials and products needed to retool other companies or for use in research. High-grade steels, special plastics and ceramics are produced in Little Stockton.

The neighborhood also has a small bay area called Butcher's Bay attached to it.

Sweet Shelley International Airport is located in Little Stockton.

The Were House


Neighborhood 22: Manchester

Colour: Yellow
Other Supernaturals:

Manchester is a residential district known for its variety of ethnic restaurants and the Manchester Viaduct, Sweet Shelley's racetrack. While the state controls the gambling at the track, the mob controls everything else. Organized crime manipulates everything from the odds established by computer to the races themselves. Sweet Shelley's authorities periodically clean up the Viaduct and the mob moves back in just as regularly.

The ethnic mix of Manchester includes Thai, Hispanic, Southeast Asian, Turkish and Italian. The mix has divided Manchester into a number of sub-neighborhoods, each zealously guarded by its own street gang. Gang violence has recently escalated, the most infamous incident being the gunning down of two Sweet Shelley University track stars who had the audacity to run in Manchester without paying tribute to one of the gangs. All the gangs treat the Manchester Viaduct as a neutral no man's land.


Neighborhood 23: Coventry

Colour: Green
Pack: Bear's Brigade
Other Supernaturals:

Coventry is a proud neighborhood that is trying to prevent what the residents see as the "chaos of Manchester" from spreading to Coventry. Unfortunately, this attitude has helped several racist groups to find sanctuary in Coventry, as they would not have survived elsewhere. The rest of Sweet Shelley's image of Coventry is row after row of neat brick houses, each stocked with automatic weapons with which to eliminate "undesirables."

While this idea is exaggerated, it remains true that Sweet Shelley police raids have seized a greater quantity of sophisticated weaponry from Coventry than they have from similar raids in Manchester.

Coventry has three institutions of note: the Sweet Shelley Zoo, the Hegler Historical Library and the Priory.

The Sweet Shelley Zoo is the oldest zoo in the country. Land acquisitions - sponsored in part by the Grimalkin Foundation - and a series of good directors have kept the zoo among the world's best. The Zoo has the largest collection of great cats and poisonous reptiles in the world.

The Hegler Historical Library is a research library. Information on any known historical subject may be found there. The Hegler Library has several priceless original manuscripts, as well as artifacts from numerous archaeological digs, which are stored in the library awaiting classification by the Library's Research Staff.

The Priory is a large cluster of buildings which form the largest monastery in North America. The religious order which runs the Priory has been slowly dwindling in number and the monks are having difficulty keeping the priory and its extensive grounds in good repair.

Locations of Interest:
Old Priory Guest Building


Neighborhood 24: Charon

Pack: Graveyard Shift
Other Supernaturals:

Charon is a neighborhood built around contrasts. It is a residential neighborhood with everything from single-family homes to fifteen-story apartment buildings. Broad boulevards suddenly narrow into constricted paved paths which mimic every conceivable curve. St. Mercy Hospital, the finest in Sweet Shelley City, is located between Rose Lawn and Sweet Shelley Memorial, the largest cemeteries in the city.

Sweet Shelley Memorial cemetery is still in use. The well-manicured, meticulously landscaped cemetery reflects the sanitized viewpoint of death that is common in the twentieth century.

Rose Lawn cemetery is closed. Several of the areas within the cemetery are still maintained by church groups or private funds, but most of the cemetery is overgrown. The headstones and crypts date as far back as the 1650's; some of the original colonists are buried here. The isolated nature of the cemetery has led it to be the hideout of criminals who could not find refuge anywhere else in Sweet Shelley City.


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