Singularity Computer

Singularity Computer (Level 3, Gnosis 7)

This Fetish is a Computer case, with a Wolf's Head made of plastic that looks like it has a LED changing colours behind it. The case is often decorated with symbols, stickers and slogans.

The case contains a Spirit Birthed from the idea of the Technology Singularity, a time when technology will advance and change so quickly that when a piece of technology is finally ready for mass market it will already be opposite.

When this Computer is booted up the user Must roll Gnosis diff seven, the computer will then build itself from the inside while booting. The computer will be considered to be the latest model of machine. It must be rebooted at least once a week, any gifts, or other powers which disable technology will simply cause it to shut down making the User boot it again next scene.

If on Boot up the User Fails they must wait a scene or an hour to try again. If they Botch they must try the next day.

The Computer is consider to be sentient due to it being a spirit. This computer is immune to all mundane melware, all attempts to hack it with none spirit means are at + 3 Difficulty.

The Computer is considered compatible with all other computers systems, it access these computers as a computer of the same operating system does.

The User may also enter the Cyber realm as an Avatar rather then as themselves.

Uploaded Garou Avatar
Strength = Wits
Dextarity = Perception
Staminia = Intelligence

Uploaded Garou cannot use gifts that technically effect objects in the material world, only gifts with social and mental benefits will function.

Fetishes and Talens are not included in the Avatar and therefor will not work.

To create objects while logged on a character must spend a Gnosis and roll Intelligence + Crafts or Technology. To change their appearance they can spend a gnosis and roll Appearance + Computers.

A garou's health is the same as their willpower. If the Garou's Willpower drops below it's total the amount will translate into the physical world as bashing damage. The user will return to breed form and fall unconscious until this damage heals.

Willpower may also be spent to turn the User Incorporeal, causing them to look like a sprite which is glitching out. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to their Intelligence.

Navigating requires Perception + Computer rolls, but the number of dice in the Computer skill can’t exceed a shapeshifter’s dots in Enigmas. Difficulties are at the Storyteller’s discretion. This travel is considered the same as transferring information.

Rage can still be spent for extra actions and to shift.

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