Silent Hunter

Silent Hunter is a lupus Child of Gaia philodox. His passion in life is cooking.


Basic Information


Name Silent Hunter
Deed Name ""
Player Ben
Breed Lupus
Auspice Philodox
Tribe Children of Gaia
Pack Name Running Water
Concept He'd be a Talon if only they'd let him cook…



Garou's Attributes

Physical Social Mental
Strength x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Charisma x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Perception x.pngx.pngx.pngx.pngo.png
Dexterity x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png Manipulation x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Intelligence x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png
Stamina x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png Appearence x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Wits x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png

Garou's Abilities

Talents Skills Knowledge
Altertness x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png Melee x.pngo.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Investigation x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Athletics x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png Stealth x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png Law x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Brawl x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png Survival x.pngx.pngx.pngx.pngo.png Rituals x.pngo.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Empathy x.pngo.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Cooking x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png
Expression x.pngo.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Intimidation x.pngo.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Primal-Urge x.pngx.pngx.pngx.pngo.png

Garou's Advantages

Rites x.pngo.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Lupus: Heightened Senses: Rank One
Philodox: Truth of Gaia: Rank One
Children of Gaia: Jam Weapon: Rank One
Merits and Flaws
Perfect Balance (1 pt merit)
Intolerance1 (1 pt Flaw)
Language2 (1pt Merit)

Level One Rites
Talisman Dedication
<One Needed>

Experience Points

167 Banked

3 Spend on Merit English

Hunter's known history

Hunter was born to kinfolk wolves. He learned to hunt. When he was older, he learned to walk on two legs. He hates being blind and deaf, though, so he mostly avoids it. The two-legs can taste things, though. He likes their food. He's a good cook with it. Maybe they aren't all bad.

His sister Hope makes him shave and wear clothes. He doesn't like it, but she's alpha, so he does it.

Hunter tried to join the Red Talons, but they wouldn't let him cook two-legger food, so he joined the Children of Gaia instead. But only because he had to join someone.

When he got older, Hunter left his pack to find a new one. He did. Now he's there. His pack is near a city, so he can get lots of good food when he's willing to deal with the city.

Hunter's current state

Hunter is the Pack of the Running Water's philodox

Hunter's links

Pack of the Running Water's forum page

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