Wolfshade setting information

The Caern is connected to the National Park in Irving Grove, The Caern Proper is on the ruins of a Mansion which was burned down some times ago. The caern proper lacks any form of electricity or modern convince.

There is a set of Cabins on the Bawn Across the lake, for anyone visiting and a lonely bus route passes close enough by for those coming from the city without a car to make it there.

The Caern Guardians are always keeping watch even if it's not explicitly stated.

In the Umbra the Caern bears features to remind one of death and blood, for this is a Caern of Sacrfice.

More Caern Info: http://wolfshaderp.wikidot.com/caerndetails

The Game itself is separated into Packs who each get their own Pack Storyteller when possible, these Pack Storytellers may not be their Pack Alphas or Betas.

Setting Notes

This Game takes place in the Classic World of Darkness game Werewolf: The Apocalypse. It began around the time of the Kickstarter for the release of the 20th Anniversary Edition W:tA.

The game takes place in the Fictional City of Sweet Shelley. Each Pack will be given a neighborhood to invent and claim as their territory depending on the pack. Focus will be mainly on the pack and their interaction and adventures, Caern and Sept will take a back seat to this.

The local Caern itself is a former Silver Fang Caern in the ruins of a Manor House, once owned by The Silver Fang House Wyrmfoe. This Caern now belongs to all the tribes.

This section will grow as we see changes made to the main game. All of the normal World of Darkness supernatural types will exist (with only Garou and kinfolk as player characters) but they all follow rules set down by the Werewolf setting. Any conflict between Werewolf and other games will be resolved in favour of Werewolf's rules.

Meta Knowledge

None of this is in Character Knowledge it is purely here for Storyteller planning and to give a feel for the setting.

Kindred: Are a class of Fomori. The Bane inside a Vampire basically lays a spirit "egg" inside a freshly killed victim when that victim is fed blood. The more a Kindred gives into the "beast" the more the bane grows; when a kindred falls to the beast the bane has taken over completely. When a vampire diablerizes another it basically sucks out its bane and the bane inside the diablolist eats it.

Mages: When Gaia created humans she gave them only one gift; she did not give them claws to defend themselves, she did not give them fur to stay warm, Gaia gave humans the power to name all things and therefore define what they can and cannot do, ultimately altering reality itself.

Wraith: Are the spirits of dead humans and change little.

Changelings: Are Wyld Spirits from a Special Umbral Realm in Arcadia; when they become too weaver tainted they forget what they are.

Hunters: Gaia's imbued. Hunters have been sent by Gaia to fight the wyrm in defense of man, as reinforcements and as punishment for certain infractions of the Litany.

Demons: Do. Not. Exist.

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