Packs Seeking Members

Are you a lone wolf seeking a pack to join?

It's dangerous out there without brothers and sisters you can depend on to watch your back, and it's tough out there without having a pack who really understands what you go through on a day to day basis.

Who is by your side in battle? No one? Perhaps consider meeting some of these Garou…

Guild of the Scarlet Lily

Pack Storyteller: Alter
Narrator: Empty_Shel
Jack Roberts (Alpha, Silver Fang Ahroun)
Hamish Doyle (Beta, Glass Walker Philodox)
Maddy Belmont (Glass Walker Theurge)

The Guild could benefit from more Garou - most tribes and auspices are welcome, though there's a specific lack of Ragabash or Galliard. The most important factor is a willingness to at least go with the steam-punk aesthetic of the pack. (someone with leadership potential would be nice as well - Hamish is Beta-by-default only and would relinquish the role fairly easily.)

Contact Alter if you are interested

Graveyard Shift

Pack Storyteller: Kyotzu
Lucky Bitch (Alpha, Bone Gnawer Galliard)
Makes Boys Cry (Beta, Black Fury Ragabash)
Semmy (Silver Fang Philodox)
Alain (Stargazer Theurge)
Storm (Child of Gaia Galliard)

This pack is currently lacking in the Ahroun department. The pack ST and one member are in Europe, so flexibility for play-time is a must.

Contact Kyotzu if you are interested

The Lesser (Lesser)

Lower East Side
Pack Storyteller: Empty Shel
Member name 1
Member name 2
Member name 3
add more as needed

What are the qualities that this pack1 is seeking in a new member?
Bone Gnawers All Bone Gnawers
Any Auspice?
this is a place for Bone Gnawers to hang out and deal with Bone Gnawer-only issues. You do not have to be part of a pack, though temporary or permanent packs may be formed ic at player discretion. Characters running solely out of this area must be cliaths or kinfolk - no higher ranks allowed as pc's until you earn it ic. (Bone Gnawers who already have packs are welcome to show up, though!)

Ronin may also be accepted on a case by case basis.

Contact Empty Shel if you are interested

Resident Kinfolk Union

Location of Pack Territory: To Be Determined
Pack Storyteller: Rain
Member name 1
Member name 2
Member name 3
add more as needed

What are the qualities that this pack is seeking in a new member?
All Gaian Tribes Welcome
No Auspice Required
No Fuzzy folks allowed
If you have the gall and spine to stand and MAKE your voice heard, to stand beside our Garou cousins in Gaia's defense come hell or high water, you may find yourself a place within our ranks. Anyone who whines will be met with a boot to the behind. We do what we must, and usually the must isn't warm and snuggly.

Contact _Rain_ if you are interested

The Onyx Storm

Pack Storyteller: Gir
Alpha position is currently vacant
Clovis "Flows Like The Wind" Jackson (Stargazer, Theurge)
Wren "Unicorn's Furor" Blackburn (Child of Gaia Ahroun)
(other members to be announced)

We are seeking one homid garou and one homid kinfolk for our pack.

Kinfolk in question must be ready, willing, and able to work closely with the garou of the pack and capable of following through when given orders. Police or FBI would work well, and lock-smith/safe-cracking skills would definitely be an asset. They will not be a desk decoration, they will be an active pack ally.

Garou in question must be tolerant and willing to work closely with the pack's kinfolk as a team player and would ideally be skilled with computers, by trade or by hobby.

We would prefer a Bone Gnawer, Child of Gaia, or Glass Walker though this is not the order of preference. The garou we seek should be a Ragabash or a Galliard to compliment and balance the current dynamics of the pack.

Players must be prepared to put time into this game as it will be immersive and require a little bit of research at times to get through plot. Gir is looking to run plot twice each week, though days may vary due to schedules/seasons/holidays.

Contact Gir if you are interested

Pack Name

Location of Pack Territory
Pack Storyteller:
Member name 1
Member name 2
Member name 3
add more as needed

What are the qualities that this pack is seeking in a new member?
specific tribe?
specific auspice?
any abilities or gifts that the ideal candidate would possess?

Contact So-n-so if you are interested

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