Same Bito Extras


Rite of Passing the Net
Level Two, Mystic

Rokea sometimes refer to the Gauntlet as the Net. As they cannot swim sideways normally, they require this rite. It must be enacted in a grotto, where the Rokea asks Sea for her leave to pass the net. Success grants the Rokea 28 days within the Umbra, at the end of which she reappears in the grotto where she began.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 7) to swim sideways.

Sea’s Distant Voice
Level Two, Accord

This rite was rarely used in the past, but has become more popular among the increasing number of Betweeners who don’t want to get caught out by their low Renown. The Rokea communes with Sea, sending word of her deeds to the water itself. Tales of those deeds circulate among other weresharks, with nobody quite sure of their source.

System: The Rokea must be partially immersed in salt water, and remembers her significant deeds and achievements, dedicating them to Sea. She rolls Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 5 , +1 for every ten miles from Sea). Success allows her to gain (or lose) Harmony and Innovation Renown as her deeds dictate.

Lure of Sea
Level Three, Punishment

The Rokea performs this rite using some item that once belonged to his victim — an item of clothing, number plate, left foot, or something else he has left in the water. The rite compels him to come back to Sea, immersing himself in her waters at some point over the next lunar month.

System: Once the rite is successfully enacted the victim feels Sea calling to him. For the next lunar month, he wants to return to the water no matter how much anyone tries to persuade him otherwise. At some point in the month he will return to where he lost the item to the waves, and nothing short of physical restraints can stop him.

The Rokea does not know when he will return, nor exactly where, but she does know it will be within a mile of where the item was lost. When the victim returns to Sea, the wereshark can make a reflexive Perception + Primal Urge roll (difficulty 6) to know exactly where her victim is.


Constant Sending
(1-pt. Merit)
The character’s Lorenzini’s ampullae remain in all forms, allowing him to use the Sending even in Homid form.

(2-pt. Merit)
Unlike most Rokea, who are rough-looking in homid form at best, the character looks completely human and may start with as high an Appearance score as the player desires. Homid Rokea do not need to purchase this Merit.

Swim Sideways
(4-pt. Merit)
The wereshark has a natural connection to Sea’s Soul, and can swim there in much the same manner as a Garou steps sideways, without the requirement for a reflective object. The Rokea can only use this talent in seas and oceans; weresharks who can also Step Sideways on land should look to that Merit instead

Step Sideways
(7-pt. Merit)
Unlike normal members of her Breed, the character may step sideways in the manner of the Garou. While almost all members of her Breed can access the Umbra through Gifts or Rites, the character has an inherent connection to the spirit world. Perhaps this is a particular blessing from a powerful spirit, or perhaps it is as much a mystery to her as it is to everyone else.


Shark Teeth
(1-pt. Flaw)
Even in Homid form, the character’s teeth remain mildly pointed. This isn’t sufficient to do any extra damage, but it’s very noticeable

Unsure Footing
(5-pt. Flaw)
The character just can’t get the hang of walking on two legs. She stumbles easily, and suffers from vertigo just looking up. All rolls involving coordinated movement on land (including combat) add 2 to their difficulty


The timeless Some-Bito don’t concern themselves with Pure Breed. Since the Same-Bito don't make kinfolk they cannot take the background.


The human and sharks the Same-Bito becomes emotionally attached to, most homids could take at least one dot to represent the twin they were born with unless they have had a serious falling out or something happened to the twin.

Since the weresharks have no Veil Law these persons or sharks might know of the wereshark's true nature or not.

Below are the rules for human families, Shark Families should take ques from the Kinfolk background. The Same-Bito can have a mixture however this should be figure out through the Storyteller.

One or two siblings or parents the Same-Bito can rely on.
•• a large immediate family, possibly grandparents.
••• extended family. grandparents, aunts and uncles cousins.
•••• Extensive extended family. at least a half dozens, aunts Uncles and their families.
••••• You are pretty sure everyone in the fishing villiage you are from is related somehow.
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