Sagus Foundation Building

Building for the mysterious Sagus Foundation which have been rebuilding the Old Docks area. the founder and chairman is Indigo Boleslav a man who very little is known about however he seems to have a large amount of resources which he uses for the benefit of the neighborhood.


The Sagus Building is a massive White Tower that rises up and has an architecture style in Art Deco, rising high above the other building in the neighborhood.

The building was actually built to look like this, a love letter to more elegant architecture times.



There is an area there are two large half crescents of

Front Entrance


In the Umbra the Sagus building appears as a large red tower that appears to be made out of Gold and Glass that blows like fire inside a ruby. No Garou has ever been in this building in the Umbra before, and any webs near the building has started to look like more complex and artistic patterns also in gold.

Sagus Foundation

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