S'en d'Argent

S'en is the Husband of the Silver Fang Ahroun Ginger, he is highly intelligent and slightly mysterious, submissive and attentive to the packs needs he works for the Sagus Foundation but no one really knows what he does, though he did design Eidolon Park.

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S'en's appearance: He has said to pack-mates that he was born in ancient China, he was somehow captured and tortured by a bane and left with massive scars down the center of his face and down both of his arms and one where there was a large hole in his chest.

S'en was rescued by Garou Warriors, he ended up meeting Ginger right after her first change and helped to teach her how to be a Garou and a Silver Fang. The two of them became married and S'en took on the surname Ginger took for herself and Ginger Joined S'en's House.

When they moved to Sweet Shelley S'en very soon got a job at the Sagus Foundation.

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S'en is the Husband of Ginger d'Argent, he currently cares for her in all ways possible and has an enigmatic manner about him, speaking softly in the third person.

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