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Rules for Cubs

Game Structure

The Game is head by the head Storyteller who leads the Storyteller Staff, they manage general things such as experience, renown and house rules. Each Pack will (ideally) have it's own ST who will be called the Pack Storyteller, this person's job is to run the pack.

You can become a Pack Storyteller by simply contacting the storyteller staff and finding players with characters to be in your pack. A Pack Storyteller is welcome (and even encouraged) to add a character to the pack they run for; the one hard rule is that the ST cannot also take on the mantle of Alpha or Beta, even through the results of roleplay. If you must be alpha or beta, find someone else to run for you.

How to Get a Character

Step One: Make a Character

You can either make a character by filling out a template which can be found on the Forum, or a character submission form which is a basic character sheet. You maybe asked to explain things which appear on your sheet, such as a background of five or more, discouraged backgrounds and the like. Should you have a Pack Storyteller they can vouch for you when it comes to these choices.

All characters must Start as Cliath.

A pack ST may choose to graduate a character in the pack to Fostern if that player has no other Fostern characters and if it fits the purposes of the pack (e.g., the character is going to be the alpha of the pack.) This graduation may happen before the character enters play and should not be applied

Step Two: Storyteller Staff Review

Sheets are sent in automatically by the sheet-form via email to the Storyteller Staff. Storyteller staff will send approvals and any questions or rejections they have back to the Pack Storyteller or the Player (if they have no Pack ST) to change or deal with them as they go.

Step Three: Additions to the Website and Creation of Subaccounts.

When a character is accepted, they will be added to the the player's account as a subaccount and added to the pack member group so that they can post in all sections of the pack's board. Their character entry will also be added to the website. At this time an image of the character's Homid and Lupus forms maybe sent to Alter who will create the image for the character profile and add it to the wiki web site.

Experience Points and Renown

Gaining Experience Points

Experience Points will be awarded by the Staff Storytellers not the Pack Storytellers.

Game Management

Rules Calls and Appeals Process

Initial Calls must be made by the pack Storyteller, they will be in effect until the end of the game session. Pack Storytellers may ask for opinions but in the end these calls are made by the pack ST.

The events of this rules call may not be retconned.

If afterwards a player feels that the house rules or the rules from the book are being violated, or they do not like the call made and wish in future for it to be changed then they may appeal to the Storyteller Team.

To do this the player must Message one of the Storyteller Accounts on the Forum with the basics of the appeal. At this time the Storyeller Team may decline to hear the appeal.

The Storyteller team will discuss the matter, Head ST retaining final veto. A Message will be sent out via Management account. At this time the ruling maybe added to house rules if deemed necessary.

Adding New Rules

A storyteller or a Player may ask for a rule to be added to the house rules, a player may do so by asking their Pack Storyteller to speak for them. A Pack Storyteller may post a poll with Ya or Nay as the options and an outline of what the new rule will be. This poll must be posted in the Story Proposal Section of the Board.

Pack Storytellers may then Vote on this new rule. If the majority of answers are Ya then the rule will move up to the storyteller team who may veto or except the new rule, head storyteller retains veto power.

If the rule is accepted then the Head Storyteller will write it to suit her liking and add it to the House Rules Section of the Wiki.

Hierarchy of Rules Calls from least Important to Most

Idle Chit Chat i.e. things said in the ooc room etc.

Narrator i.e. current person running for the pack or room who is not a Pack Storyteller or a Member of the Storyteller Staff.

Rules in older Editions of Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Pack Storyteller

In the cases of multiple packs with different storytellers or play in the main room a single Members of the Storyteller Staff

Rules from Revised Werewolf

Rules in 20th Edition Werewolf

House Rules

A Rules Call made by the Storyteller Team as a Whole

A Rules Call made by the Head Storyteller

Merits After Creation

Merits cannot be purchased after character creation, with the exception of languages; languages can be purchased at 4 xp per-language with appropriate time according to Storyteller.

Merits may be granted by the pack storyteller, staff approval is needed for these merits, but this is expected to be a rare occurrence.

When to Roll Rage

Players of Garou characters are encouraged to make a Rage roll whenever their character encounters something that particularly angers or frustrates them (see pg 261 of the book.) One or more successes on the roll gains the character an extra temporary Rage point (if this exceeds their permanent Rage, they are able to keep the point until next time they sleep or are knocked unconscious.) 4 or 5 successes puts the character into Frenzy. 6 successes puts them in a Thrall of the Wyrm frenzy.

The STs will not prompt players to make Rage rolls - there's too many player characters for the ST's to apply this rule fairly in social play. However, if you are in a scene or combat being run by an ST, ask their permission before rolling.

What Moon is It

If you have a merit or flaw that revolves around the Moon Phase then you can go to this web site feel free to consider the main phase for your auspice and the two days on either side for full and new and one on either side for all others to be when your moon auspice is in effect, for General play. Other then that see ST Play.

If you are having problems feel free to contact your pack st or a Staff member.

House Rules Errata

Ahroun Blessing only adds to strength based damage rolls.
Metis Cannot Soak Silver

Lupus Borns must buy any human languages they speak, including the first one.

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