Rowena McKinnon - WIP

Basic Information about Rowena


Name: Rowena Beatrice McKinnon
Additional Names: Row, Bea
Tribe: Fianna
Breed: Homid

Pack Storyteller: Clara
Player: April Douglas moc.liamg|nwadlirparegnis#moc.liamg|nwadlirparegnis
Job: Artist and Weapon Smith
Pack Affiliation: Sisterhood of the Wolf

Character fiction: Snippets of background and writing for Rowena can be found at Snippets of Fiction.

Description: Rowena is a stunningly beautiful young woman appearing to be in her mid-20's. She is a heavy set, muscular girl with ample curves. She has thick, wavy black hair that touches just past her shoulders, pale flawless skin, and emerald green eyes with flicks of gold. She always has a smile on her face, and she seems to be a relaxed and happy young woman. She tends to wear clothes that are well-fitted and emphasis her figure. Jeans and tanktops with shrugs, or fitted slacks and jackets. When she is working, she wears stained and ripped jeans and tanktops, her hair back in a tight bun.

Rowena has several scars of note. The most visible is one that starts at her right shoulder, travelling diagonally to her left hip. It appears to have come from a blade of some sort. Though the wound is old and healed clean, the scar is still fairly prominent. Additionally, she has many thin, almost invisible scars on the inside of her arms. Several faint scars riddle her torso-bullet wounds and blade wounds-all healed over well. On the tops of her thighs are many, many scars, self-inflicted years ago.

Known History

Current State




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