Richard Hardly

Glass Walker Kinfolk and general ambassador to the other tribes. Richard is also a teacher well practiced in explaining the history of the Garou Nation to cubs and newly located lost Kin.

"Being the best of what we are is everyone's duty."

Richard's Basic Information

Name: Richard Hardly
Tribe: Glass Walker
Breed: Homid

Storyteller: Alter
Job: Lawyer
Pack Affiliation: Unknown

Richard's Stats

Known History

Richard was a Glass Walker kinfolk, he claimed to Ian he use to be a professional test taker. He was assigned to the city to be a lawyer for the Garou in the city, he was Dax's lawyer when he was sent to prison which Richard felt bad about.

The Bone Gnawers got Richard to teach Dax how to be a Bone Gnawer and started his role as a teacher. Maybe he was even set up for himself by the mysterious Elder Bone Gnawer Margery.

Character's Current State

Richard is currently a lawyer for any garou in need and on occasion a teacher of those who are new to the garou nation.

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