Redmond O'Hanlon

Red is a Elder Fianna galliard. He is always happy to tell the fantastic tales of his upbringing on the shores of Cork, his adolescence spent ensuring the ghost of Brenandonner never tried to re-cross the Clochán na bhFomhórach, or that time he once met the Queen herself (and she is a sweet-hearted lass) and regaled her with such charming stories that he was chased out of England by Prince Philip and his men in a fit of jealous rage. The only thing anyone knows for sure about Red is that while wild rumors fly and he can never be trusted to tell the truth — or to be lying — about himself , his word is his bond.

"Our lives are the sum of the stories we tell. If you don't have one worth telling, you don't have a life worth living."

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Well…it isn't a lie, but it isn't exactly true either. If any of Red's history is known, the folk who know it don't realize it. The galliard's past is a series of ever-shifting stories and rumors, never the same story told twice. He has enough of a brogue left that his immigration from Ireland was likely after he was grown and Changed…but some have noted his facility with accents and wonder if even that can be trusted.

In 2009, stories reached him of of an abandoned caern in New England that was on the verge of being given up for gone by the Silver Fangs. This was unacceptable. He quickly put the word out through all of his networks, calling for Garou to help resurrect the lost caern. Many were unable to join the cause, pained by the need to remain in place and defend their own caerns. But, those who could answer the call did: Ahroun, Ragabash, Galliard, and Theurge.

The beginning was contentious; fighting, politics, and old grudges coming to the fore almost immediately. It wasn't until the Philodox arrived to bring harmony that all auspices were represented, Gaia and the spirits appeased, and the caern could at last be reopened.

Red's Current State

Red is the Elder Galliard for the Sept. Whatever yarns he spins about himself, he is beyond reproach in his duties to the Sept. He is exultant in his reporting of the honors of the Sept, packs, and Garou Nation as a whole. He mercilessly savages those who have dishonored themselves. And he holds the confidences of his septmates with the sanctity of the confessional; as he says, Gaia herself could not pry a secret from his lips.

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