Painter Crowe

Name Painter Crowe
Deed Name Laughing Bear
Player Patrick

Breed Homid
Auspice Ragabash
Tribe Wendigo

Rank: Cliath
Pack Name

Physical Secondary
Strength 2
Dextarity 4
Stamina 2

Social Tertiary
Charisma 1
Manipulation 3
Appearance 2

Mental Primary
Perception 4
Intelligence 3
Wits 3

Talents Primary
Altertness 1
Athletics 3
Brawl 2
Primal-Urge 3

Skills Primary
Animal-Ken 2
Drive 1
Larceny 2
Melee 4
Stealth 2
Survival 3

Knowledges Primary
Enigmas 2
Medicine 1
Rituals 2

Pure breed 4
Fetish 3
Ancestors 3

Breed Gift Homid Gift Smell of Man
Auspice Gift Ragabash Gift Blur of the Milky Eye
Tribe Gift Wendigo Gift Resist Pain

Renown: Glory
Renown: Honour
Renown: Wisdom

Rage 2
Gnosis 4
Willpower 5

Merits Language (native language)
Flaws Intolerance (racists)

Other Traits
Fetishes Fang dagger

Rite of talisman dedication
Rite of spirit awakening

Notes and Other
Freebie Use
Backgrounds 5
Gnosis 6
Willpower 1
Rage 1
Melee 3-4 2

Math is fine, spread looks great - Rain

Experience Points

125 Banked

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