Pack Storytellers

Pack Storytellers are those who aren't necessarily Staff Storytellers but run storylines for packs.

So one of the questions is: why be a pack storyteller and not just start your own game?

Simply put, because we plan to do most of the heavy lifting for you. You can focus on five players, maybe more maybe less; the Staff will take care of XP, Renown, and give you a setting to play with.

How do you become a Pack Storyteller? Let us know you want to be one! That's it. We will ask you for any needed information and help you along best we can.

You can also join #WS-The-Storytellers to talk to us about the pack you wish to make. We can be found on Darkmyst.

Yes we want storyline and plot outlines sent in, and this might be a bit of a pain, but it's meant so that Pack STs can talk about what they are doing and add onto to their own stories. For example if I create a new Famori then it allows others to use it as well.

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