Old Stone Lodge

Formerly a building made in the woods for the Sun Lodge to meet in the day and the moon Lodge to meet at night, this old stone building is currently used for meetings at all time of day, thought the dimensions of the lodge seen strange at night almost as if the ghostly world of the Umbra leaked over slightly in the moonlight. The Lodge still has the massive fire place which sits in the main gathering area.

The Trail

There are two ways to approach the Lodge one of them has flowers that bloom during the day and the other has flowers that bloom at night. Each path is hard to see except in their respective times.

The Path of Day has stones that catch and seem to catch the light from the sun making it easier to find, the light makes it easier to see the way through.

The Path of Night has stones that seem to have grown some kind of moss that glows at night and the trees have leaves that reflect the sun making it hard to see properly where the path is during the day.

Great Hearth Room

There is a large fireplace here which has two large discs on the front, when light comes from outside into them they glow golden like the sun, when they shine from inside like when the fireplace is lit glow silver like the sun.

There is a large mural that spans the back of the room, during the day it look like great warriors fighting the minions of the Wyrm. When the Sun no long shines on it the scene is one in the Umbra with the Silver Fangs fighting Banes in the Umbra.

There is a Large Carpet in the middle of the room in a circle, around it is a curved cough and three chairs around it.

Feast Area

In the Long Area of the Lodge with two long wooden tables that stretch the length of the Lodge, there are only places for sitting against the walls so that the Garou eating there had to look at one another.

There where once places for banners to hangs for day and night and though they are still at a trunk at the far end of this area no one has really bothered to rehang them.

Instead they have been working to replace these and the runners for the great tables with banners for the current Sept.


Formerly the area where priest and leader changed into special adornments or secret items and Fetishes. None of these items have survived to this time. This is the second level of the Lodge.

There is a long couch and several wardrobes, There is also a ceiling which is made out of Glass, there is a massive circle in stain glass which shows the passage of the moon and the Sun.

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