Nagah Extras

Samskara: Nagah Rites

Forked Tongue
Level One, Mystic

The ritemaster enacts the rite while licking an item representative of the target — a photograph, or a sample of hair, skin, or blood. If successful the victim cannot help but lie about even the most trivial things. Nagah use this rite to help distance their intended victims from their social supporters.

System: If this rite is successful, the victim must succeed on a Willpower roll (difficulty equal to the Gnosis
of the ritemaster) in order to tell a single truth. Every other word out of her mouth is a falsehood, no matter how innocuous or simple the truth. The rite’s effects last a day per success rolled when enacting the rite.

Rite of Bearing
Level One, Mystic

When a Nagah becomes pregnant, she instinctively knows whether or not her child will be a wereserpent. If the father is also Nagah and her child is not ahi, then she must use the Rite of Bearing to determine which form she will take for the pregnancy, and thus whether she will birth a human child or a clutch of snake eggs. Nagah egg clutches tend to be smaller than is the norm for cobras, and for Nagah human births often produce twins. If this rite isn’t performed within a week of conception, her inchoate pregnancy is reabsorbed back into her body and terminated.

The Nagah’s nestmates are the ones that actually perform this ritual, invoking Lunes and river-spirits to bless the new life growing within her while she chants a mantra that lists all the strengths of the breed form she has chosen. Once the words no longer make sense, the Nagah slips into a river while taking the form in which she intends to remain for the duration of her pregnancy.

System: Those enacting the rite must roll Charisma + Rituals, difficulty 6 (7 if only one nestmate performs the ritual, 8 if the mother must perform it alone). Nagah who take human or cobra mates bear children according to their breed form as usual, but may also use this rite within a week of conception to change their Kinfolk children’s nature as if the father were also Nagah. The difficulty, however, rises by one in addition to any other modifiers.

Naming the Target
Level Three, Mystic

A nest performs this rite when it is ready to conduct an assassination. When their last mission has been concluded with the Votive for the Dead (see below), they gather in a dark room or near a river, join hands or coils, and chant a mantra to invoke the Wani. If the rite succeeds, the Wani grant flashes of insight about the nest’s next target, as well as some clues to the nature of the target’s offenses against Gaia, his current location, and other facts relevant to the hunt.

System: The ritemaster rolls Perception + Rituals (difficulty 7). The more successes rolled, the more information is gained about the target and the nature of his transgressions.

Votive for the Dead
Level Four, Death

After completing an assassination, the nest must ritually review why the victim’s death was justified, reaffirming their actions. The ritualist chants the victim’s crimes against Gaia, gradually repeating them until they become a simple mantra. This rite must be performed before the nest can begin another hunt or enact the Naming the Target rite.

System: The ritemaster must score at least one success; failure necessitates that the nest spend at least a week in meditative insight, reviewing their mission in greater detail, which is likely to slow the nest’s advancement in rank.


Poisoned Chalice
Level Three, Gnosis 7

Some Nagah like to put their target at ease in a social situation before killing him, a setting accommodated by this fetish. Despite the name, in modern times most Poisoned Chalices take the form of decanters or punch bowls. When activated, the Chalice turns any liquid placed into it a deadly poison without altering the taste, look or scent of the drink. The Nagah activating the fetish and her nestmates are immune to the poison. The spirit of a pufferfish must be bound into this fetish.

System: The Nagah fills the Chalice and activates the fetish. The Chalice may make one of two kinds of poison. Its simplest use is to convert the liquid into a poison that affects everyone but the Nagah’s nest. The second use requires a few drops of blood from the intended victim. If these are mixed with the drink before it is converted it can make a poison that only affects the target. The poison deals two levels of aggravated damage per turn for five turns.


Spitting Cobra (2-pt. Merit, Nagah only)
Unlike most Nagah, the character’s Vasuki form is that of a spitting cobra or other snake that can project its venom. She can spit venom in any form other than Balaram.

Infrared Vision (4-pt. Merit, Nagah only)
The character can detect heat sources out to about 50 feet in all forms other than Balaram. This Merit is most common among Nagah whose snake form comes from the Crotalinae subfamily (pit vipers, rattlesnakes, fers-del-lance and moccasins).

Sex Appeal (4-pt. Merit)
Whether it’s grace, charm, or pheromones, the character’s got it. Those attracted to the character’s gender like being around him and are eager to please him. This grants a –2 difficulty reduction to all social rolls against such individuals.

Feral Near-Man (5-pt. Merit)
The character’s near-man form (Glabro, Anthros, Sokto, etc) is unusually savage in profile; perhaps this is a result of countless hours of shapeshifting refinement, or maybe the character was just born nasty. Either way, the Changer’s near-human form sports wicked claws capable of inflicting aggravated damage.

Step Sideways (7-pt. Merit)
Unlike normal members of her Breed, the character may step sideways in the manner of the Garou. While almost all members of her Breed can access the Umbra through Gifts or Rites, the character has an inherent connection to the spirit world. Perhaps this is a particular blessing from a powerful spirit, or perhaps it is as much a mystery to her as it is to everyone else


The self-imposed isolation of the Nagah prevents them from having many Allies; Mentors are likewise rare. Nagah do not purchase the Totem Background; the Wani and their servants don’t act as personal or “pack” totems, and no other spirits are entitled to do so. A Nagah nest counts as a bonded pack for all system purposes, but no totem bond exists.


The spirit realm which is owned by the Nagah and their pack/nest.

A small and meagerly appointed Ananta. No refreshments are available.
•• A modest Ananta, roughly the size of a guest bedroom, with enough food and drink to entertain a visitor or two.
••• An Ananta well-suited to a nest, roughly the size of a townhouse or hotel suite, with enough food and drink for the whole nest.
•••• A spacious nest, about house-sized, with abundant food.
••••• A luxurious Ananta, the size of a small mansion, with gourmet delicacies for all. Nuwisha


A small but noteworthy secret — a secret affair,a hidden sexual orientation, a minor crime.
•• A moderate secret. The human identities of a Garou pack, the whereabouts of a criminal on the run, a significant crime, or evidence of two Garou sleeping together. Alternately, a few minor secrets.
••• A substantial secret, or equivalent amount of lessersecrets. A matter of life and death or utter ruination for someone. The location of a lost fetish that someone needs to stay lost. The identity of a murderer of one or more Fera.
•••• A heavy secret, or equivalent amount of lesser secrets. The location of a national fugitive, a vampire’s “little black book” of contacts, the location of a Gurahl.
••••• An enormous secret, or equivalent amount of lesser secrets. A high-level Pentex plot. The location of a legendary cursed fetish. The secret weakness of an Incarna
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