Mokole Extras


Burning the Library
Level One, Mystic
This rite is named for the day when fire destroyed the Library of Alexandria. It can erase a memory from someone who has witnessed (or perpetrated) an event; if the rite is performed communally, remove all of the participants’ memories of the event.

System: The ritemaster rolls Charisma + Rituals, difficulty 7, while describing the memories that must be destroyed. She then intones the Words of Unmaking, which seek out and destroy the offending memories. For each success, one memory (up to a scene long) can be destroyed. This rite can be performed on either the ritualist herself, or others; unwilling targets must be restrained or otherwise subdued.

Silence of the Oracles
Level Two, Mystic
The Mokolé’s control of memories allows them to heal minds and well as preserving the past. This rite allows the weresaurians to protect a person from memories that cause pain or madness. The Mokolé draws the damaging aspects of a memory away, quarantining them safely within her Mnesis. No memory should be lost, especially those cataloguing the evils of an Age.

System: The ritemaster takes one memory (up to a scene in length) from the target per success, storing it in her Mnesis, removing the parts that cause him pain and suffering. The victim does not fully forget the events but has a level of detachment that locks away the pain and harm of the memory. This rite may also be used on a character suffering a Derangement or similar state. In such cases the individual acts free of the Derangement for one scene per success.

Rock Art
Level Three, Caern
The Mokolé dream memories of ages long past, but they know that weresaurians are not the only ones who might have need of what they have learned. This rite enriches Mokolé artwork with the memories she would share with future generations. Despite the name, she can infuse any form of visual art with her memories.

System: The artist rolls Wits + Expression (difficulty 6) with the number of successes indicating the clarity of the memory stored within the art. Any character with a Gnosis trait can experience the memory by spending a point of Gnosis. The Storyteller decides how much information he gains, but even one success is sufficient to communicate the Mokolé’s basic message.

In modern times nomadic Mokolé have used this rite to share current events and warnings with other shapeshifters who pass through an area.


Manshape (1-pt. Merit)
The character’s Archid form is very humanoid — a callback to the Lizard Kings with a reptilian head, the size of a Crinos Garou. The character must have the Archid characteristics: Upright Walking and Grasping Hands to buy this Merit. Manshape allows the Mokolé in Archid form to pass as human in poor light, though anyone seeing the character’s scaly skin still suffers the Delirium.

Step Sideways (7-pt. Merit)
Unlike normal members of her Breed, the character may step sideways in the manner of the Garou. While almost all members of her Breed can access the Umbra through Gifts or Rites, the character has an inherent connection to the spirit world. Perhaps this is a particular blessing from a powerful spirit, or perhaps it is as much a mystery to her as it is to everyone else.


Mokolé do not possess the Ancestors Background, replacing it with Mnesis instead. They also possess the Wallow Background.


Any Mokolé (even one without this Background) may place himself into a Mnesis quest — a sort of autohypnosis in which the character journeys deep into the halls of ancestral memory, much like the Umbral vision-quests of the Garou. Because a Mnesis quest can easily last for hours and renders the seeker oblivious to the outside world for its duration, most Mokolé will only enter Mnesis while in the safety of their wallows.

The rating of the Background determines how far back the Mokolé may remember.

0 Roughly a century.
Three to five hundred years.
•• Roughly a millennium.
••• The Impergium and the beginning of human civilization.
•••• The awakening of the mammalian shapeshifters.
••••• The time of the Dinosaur Kings.


The Wallow Background means that you have ties to a Mokolé wallow, one with some history and other Mokolé residents. If you are a homid, this may be a village, rural homestead, or isolated island such as Komodo.

If you are a suchid, it may be an ancient temple, jungle swamp, zoo, or gator farm. Any Allies, Contacts, or Kinfolk you may have likely live at the wallow. The wallow is a place where you can meditate to regain Gnosis in Sun’s light, hold gathers and perform rites. You may live there all the time; of course, if you don’t have Resources, your home might not be very luxurious.

A poor wallow. One Mokolé lives there or perhaps only Kin.
•• No palace. A few Mokolé and Kin live there.
••• The wallow has lots of land (maybe a national park) or places to live.
•••• A nice place: a village, isolated creek, or lake.
••••• A temple, alligator farm, or large village.
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