Michelle Galitzine

Basic Information about Mi'chelle

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Name: Michelle Galitzine
Tribe: Silver Fangs
Breed: Homid

Pack Storyteller: Rain
Player: Rain
Job: Archeologist and grad student
Pack Affiliation: Honourable Claws

Mi'chelle's Known History

Mi'chelle is considered the orphan ward of <insert name of Silver Fang here> even though she was an adult when her parents died.

Her father was estranged from his family and didn't reach out until it was too late, shortly before he committed suicide while serving prison time for purchasing and storing a large quantity of illegal firearms. Her brother, Joseph Davout Sings the Silver Song, Sept Alpha of Enduring Bridges, was killed shortly after by an ambush intended to leave the sept vulnerable to more attacks. In her grief, her mother took her own life within a week of her son's death.

Determined to preserve at least one member of this family, her father's brother, Uncle Nikolas, claimed her as his ward even though he was also kinfolk. He used the letter his brother sent him before his death as leverage to have his claim granted, and Mi'chelle became like another daughter in his eyes.

Her family changed her surname to match her father's though allowed her to keep the one she was born with as a second middle name, as it was her mother's surname.

Nikolas Galitzine is protective of his late brother's only surviving child, and it is only by his wife's influence that Mi'chelle was entrusted to Andrei's care so that she could live outside of their immediate watch. Whether there are plans for her future aside from allowing her to remain here and teach with occasional treks to dangerous places in search of evidence to support historical theory is unknown.

Mi'chelle still speaks of her brother as if he is still alive at times, though she seems to be at peace with the reality of his death.

Mi'chelle's Current State

Michelle is a grad student in the archeology department at <Local University>, and regularly participates in group excursions to bring lost bits of history into the present day. Her interests in archeological excursions are purely for the adventure, and she doesn't mind a bit of risk to see them through to the end.


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