Local News

This Is a Page for News Stories from around Sweet Shelley.

Tues March 4th 2014

Police have been lead to the several mutilated by psychic Hector Lytle, the state of these bodies leaves the police to believe there maybe a serial killer in the city.

These bodies have been found buried under buildings, in the sewers and even burned in the woods.

All the bodies appear to have been savaged by an animal of some sort.

Mon September 3rd 2012

A Man was found dead in his Apartment in Bryanttown with a bullet wound through his forehead, the shot came from outside his home however police have been unable to find the location it was shot from.

Police where called to the scene of the crime due to the vial smell coming from the apartment, when they investigated they found several black plastic bags sealed with duct-tape inside they found victims all under 5 ft in height, ranging from Children to the Elderly.

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