Kitsune Extras


Perhaps the most distinct Kitsune trick is the art of Ju-Fu — paper magic. Ju-Fu Gifts are purchased at a cost of (level x 7) experience points; unlike traditional Gifts, they are not bestowed by spirits, but must be learned from another Fox. The kami(folded-paper spells) used to cast them may be prepared in advance, but each costs at least one Gnosis point to make, limiting the potential for stockpiling. Where a Ju-Fu Gift lists no other cost, it only costs the Gnosis point necessary to make the kami.

Lantern (Level One)

By crafting a paper lantern or similar kami, the Kitsune can infuse it with an eerie light.

System: The light is as bright as that of a mundane paper lantern, and lasts for one scene.

Umekochi’s Mouth (Level One)

The Kitsune crafts a small paper cup, dish, or other container, which can hold four times as much as it should.

System: The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 6).

Attraction (Level Two)

The Kitsune attracts or repels a certain type of animal by crafting an appropriate kami. She might repel tigers to travel safely through the jungle, or fashion a paper firefly to summon enough fireflies to eerily light a graveyard.

System: The player rolls Manipulation + Animal Ken, difficulty 7. The more successes, the stronger the kami’s effects.

Silver Sigil (Level Two)

The Kitsune can write “badge” on a piece of paper — people will see a badge. She can write “passport” on a bit of bark, and breeze through customs.

System: The player rolls Gnosis, difficulty 7. The kamiremains effective for one scene.

Paper Beast (Level Three)

The Kitsune fashions a kamiin the shape of a mundane animal, with the animal’s pictogram written on it. When the Kitsune spits on the kami, the paper beast immediately grows to full size and obeys the Fox’s commands.

System: The player spends two Gnosis and rolls Gnosis, difficulty 7. The resulting creature has all the traits of its likeness, but only one health level.

Beast Shape (Level Four)

As the Ragabash Gift: Thousand Forms. The Kitsune may take the form of the animal depicted by this kami.

Paper Flesh (Level Five)

As the Gift: Paper Beast, save that it requires three Gnosis points, and the beast is fully flesh and blood (though it reverts to paper at the end of the scene or when slain).


Proprieties of Conduct

Level Two, Accord
The Kitsune serve a central role within the Beast Cours, smoothing tensions between the different Breeds and ensuring visitors to the Courts follow behavioral expectations. This simple rite helps the foxes smooth things over.

System: The rite-master addresses a gathering and announces the expected standards of behavior.

Among a group of familiar acquaintances this can be as simple as declaring that everyone must observe ‘standard norms;’ she has to give more detail if guests are present. The rite does not have to be repeated if attendees arrive late; any latecomers remain bound by the rules as long as they remain among the gathering.

Anyone attempting to breach the agreed etiquette must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6). At the point that she would make the roll, the transgressor is well aware that she is about to break the rules, and she may choose not to break the accepted etiquette. The rules of polite society also sooth the tempers of everyone — all Rage rolls are made at +2 difficulty.

Rite of the Crossroads

Level Three, Renown
The Rite of the Crossroads serves much the same purpose for Kitsune as the Beast Courts’ Rite of the Opened Way. In it, the Foxes use the power of the four directions to celebrate a kit’s first — and only — choice of path. The rite is always performed in a transitional place; crossroads are both traditional and particularly auspicious, but bridges and even doorways will also do. The ritemaster purifies the young kit, then brings her to the site of the rite.

After proper obeisance is made to the Emerald Mother, the Silver Lady, Bai-Mianxi, and Prince Inari, the ritemaster asks all four to bless their newest child’s arrival into adulthood. The ritemaster then lays out four empty bowls before the kit, one at each direction. The kit, however, sees each bowl as filled with one of the four Paths’ elements — clay, lightning, lava, mist. The kit must then reach into the proper bowl, thus choosing her path. Rather than burning young Eji or Doshi, the contents of the bowl fill them with a rush of power and confidence. Once the choice has been made, all can see the Kitsune’s paw drip with the symbol of her path. The ritemaster then ends the rite, and the new Yakan begins her training.

System: No rolls are necessary. The kit is officially Rank One at the rite’s end. It is a great honor to perform this rite, and successfully sponsoring a new Kitsune grants the ritemaster two points of temporary Toku Renown.


Level One, Gnosis 5

Those who know the ways of the Beast Courts say the Kitsune work as their diplomats and spies, and should be treated with suspicion. For those not familiar with their ways the werefoxes are just another unwanted shapeshifter intruding upon territory. In any case the Kitsune know that they can defray suspicions if given the opportunity to speak. Plenipotentiaries look like discreet jewellery, often rings, bearing fox images stylized with icons representing the Kitsune’s Court.

System: The Kitsune activates the fetish and rolls Charisma + Expression (difficulty 6). Each success gives the werefox one turn during which she is safe from attack. The Kitsune cannot start a fight during the Plenipotentiary’s protection.


Sex Appeal (4-pt. Merit,)
Whether it’s grace, charm, or pheromones, the character’s got it. Those attracted to the character’s gender like being around him and are eager to please him. This grants a –2 difficulty reduction to all social rolls against such individuals.

Feral Near-Man (5-pt. Merit,)
The character’s near-man form (Glabro, Anthros, Sokto, etc) is unusually savage in profile; perhaps this is a result of countless hours of shapeshifting refinement, or maybe the character was just born nasty. Either way, the Changer’s near-human form sports wicked claws capable of inflicting aggravated damage.

Fox Magic (7-pt. Merit,)
In addition to the blessings of Luna and Gaia, the character has a rare aptitude for lesser human magic—she is capable of learning what mages call “hedge magic.” The character can use this talent to mimic Gifts and rites from any Changing Breed, and can develop her own mystic rites given time and Storyteller approval. For a more in-depth treatment of hedge magic, see Sorcerer Revised.


Kitsune use many of the same Backgrounds as the Garou, eschewing only Pure Breed as redundant — werefoxes are allof the purest blood, after all. Those not associated with a sentai or other pack-group may have either a personal totem or no totem at all.


Batsu are the Kitsune’s allies, his friends and cohorts who stand by him and assist him when needed. To a werefox, his Batsu defines who he is and what he stands for. This takes the place of the Allies Background, and most Kitsune will have at least three dots in Batsu.


Rather than having a Kinfolk Background, the Nine-tails have Clan: a group of family, Kin, and friends who know the truth about the werefoxes and their grand purpose. While many members of a Kitsune’s Clan are likely to be Kinfolk, others are chosen with great care from outside of direct family lines.


This is a network of minor contacts the Kitsune maintains. Rather than relying on one important contact for information, the werefoxes prefer to have several possible sources handy for a variety of situations. Kitsune may make Contacts rolls to find someone to aid them in any given endeavor at a Difficulty of 5, rather than 7.


This is the equivalent of Mentor, but a Kitsune is just as likely to have a group of hengeyokai as patrons, as he is to have a single individual. A Sempai can be an aunt or uncle (or both), a Kitsune parent, court sentai (group) who adopt the Kit as a mascot, or a Gai’nan (a ranking court official in the hengeyokai courts). A Sempai may simply assist the Kitsune in reaching her potential or may be grooming her for a specific task or duty.

Kiko or Iron Rank official; an inexperienced or very distant sentai
•• Koryo or Steel Rank official; a moderately accessible, experienced sentai.
••• Reiko or Gold Rank hengeyokai; an influential courtier, accessible and quite capable.
•••• A Five-tailed Fox; a Gai’nan; a powerful, friendly sentai.
••••• A Fox with Six or more tails; Gai’nan to an important court; a legendary sentai.
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