Khan Gifts

Rank One

Rhino’s Favor (Level One)
By calling on the spirit of the rhino, the Khan may grow a horn on her skull. Although unsightly, this protrusion makes for a fine weapon.

System: The player spends a Rage point to grow the horn. It lasts for one scene, and may be used to gore opponents for Strength + 2 aggravated damage. The attack is difficulty 7.

Skin of Jade (Level One)
Willing himself solid, the Khan’s skin obtains the hardness of jade.

System: The player spends a Willpower point and gains two additional dice to his soak rolls for the rest of the scene.

Rank Two

Heart of Fury (Level Two)
The Khan steels himself against anger, suppressing his Rage and creating a mental wall to hold back the tide of righteous fury that threatens to drown him. The anger always returns, however, and the Khan had best be ready to pay its bill. A boar-spirit teaches this Gift.

System:The player rolls Willpower (difficulty equals the character’s permanent Rage). Every two successes add +1 to the character’s frenzy difficulties for the scene, making it harder to frenzy. When the scene ends, past slights and injuries come rushing back to haunt the werewolf, refilling his heart and soul. He must spend one Willpower point or make an immediate frenzy check at regular difficulty.

Ricepaper Walk (Level Two)
By attuning his inner energies, the Khan can walk across a light or fragile surface without disturbing it, no matter what shape he wears.

System: The player rolls Gnosis, difficulty 6. For a (successes x 3) turns, the Khan exerts no more weight on the surface she stands on than a scrap of paper.

Rank Three

Asuras’ Bane (Level Three)
By calling upon the Father of Dark Spirits, a Khan may command Wyrmish spirits to depart. Each time the Khan does so, his fur grows a lighter becoming more and more white. His actions become more… erratic. Sense Wyrm detects a faint trace of Wyrm-taint on the Bastet for a week afterward.

System:The player spend a Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Enigmas against a difficulty of the higher of the spirit’s Rage or Gnosis. Each success removes three points of the spirit’s Essence. Botching the roll inflicts an immediate derangement of the Storyteller’s choice.

Paws of the Raging Spirit Tiger (Level Three)
By channeling his chi through this Gift, the Khan wreaths his paws or hands in crackling spirit power. Thus fortified, the weretiger can rip through enemies in the spirit world without stepping sideways, so long as he can see them.

System:The player spends a Gnosis point, and enjoys the Gift’s effects for six turns.

Rank Four

Dragonroar (Level Four)
Bellowing like a thunderclap, the Khan breathes a ball of fire onto his foes.

System:The player spends two Gnosis points. The fireball is aimed with Dexterity + Brawl, and inflicts Ferocity levels of aggravated damage. In subsequent turns the target continues to burn for half the damage suffered the previous turn (round down), until the flames gutter out.

Rank Five

Heaven Thunder Hammer (Level Five)
Channeling the power of Heaven itself, the Khan strikes out with a shockwave-blow that shatters walls and splinters trees.

System:The player spends three Rage and makes a Strength + Primal-Urge roll (difficulty 3) to hit everything within 10 feet directly in front of the weretiger. The attack adds the Khan’s Ferocity to its damage dice.

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