Josie Kellis

Character Summary

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Basic Information


Name: Josie Kellis
Deed Name: Eyes Undaunted
Player: _Rain_

Breed: Homid
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Glass Walkers

Pack Name: Urban Legends
Concept: Gamer Chick by day, Warrior Priestess by the light of Luna



Josie's Attributes

Physical Social Mental
Strength Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Charisma Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Perception Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png
Dexterity Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Manipulation Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png IntelligenceMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png
Stamina Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Appearence Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Wits Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png

Josie's Abilities

Talents Skills Knowledge
Alertness Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Animal-Ken Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Computer Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png
Athletics Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Crafts Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Enigmas Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png
Brawl Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Drive Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Investigation Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png
Empathy Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Etiquette Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Medicine Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png
Streetwise Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Firearms Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Rituals Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png
Subterfuge Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Technology Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png
Expert Knowledge: Psychology Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png

Josie's Advantages

Backgrounds Gifts Merits and Flaws
Resources Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Homid: Apecraft's Blessing: Rank One Languages1 (4pt Merit)
Rites Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Theurge: Spirit Speech: Rank One Acute Sense2(1pt Merit)
Totem Menu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_hover_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.pngMenu_bullet.png Glass Walker: Diagnostics: Rank One Concentration (1pt Merit)
Theurge: Mother's Touch: Rank One Allergy3 (2pt Flaw)
Allergy4 (1pt Flaw)

Compulsion5 (1 pt Flaw)

Curiosity (2pt flaw)

Rites Level One
Rite of Cleansing
Gathering for the Departed
Last Blessing
Rite of Growth
Rites Level Two
Rites Level Three
Rite of the Totem

Josie's Experience Points

170 Banked

Known History

Josie is the daughter of two treasured kinfolk of the Glass Walker tribe, two gifted in their respective scientific fields. She was raised and schooled in her father's lab playing with whatever project he was working on, or at her mother's side while she worked on research.

When Josie was about 12 the sept was attacked with intent to take out as many of the kin-resources the tribe had in that particular city-sept, Josie's parents being two of the named targets for a kill mark. Her mother died while her father hid her in a secured saferoom, where it is said she saw her father's murder on the monitors that could see most points of the house.

She was collected during a headcount for casualties and fatalities and fostered with a kin couple whose children had grown already, closer to the main settlement of kin and garou so she could be monitored and received therapy. It is assumed that she became selectively mute due to witnessing this tragedy so young, though her cousin }Hermes{ insisted this was not the case. Once he shifted he tried to claim guardianship over Josie to try to help her recover, but the tribe felt it was in her best interests to be in a familiar and stable home and continuously brushed off his applications until Josie's first shift (at which point she was under the care of the den mother).

Josie's shift occurred during another strike against the sept four years after her parents were killed; it's said she wandered almost invisible away from the guardians sent to round up kin and children to be taken to protective locations and broke into one of the security posts. No one is sure how their systems were hacked and a distress message sent out, but Josie was the only person who could have been responsible. She was discovered unconscious beside the bodies of an abomination and a Spiral kinfolk who had been part of the attacking party, and they were clearly killed by her own claws.

This basically spelled the end of her cousin's bids for guardianship, and began her training as a Glass Walker theurge under the guidance of the sept elders. The Denmother watched her closely as a cub, and decided that once Josie made Cliath that it would be in her interests to stay put for another rank to be sure she was prepared for independence. This irritated her cousin who was insulted on Josie's behalf, but it wasn't clear what Josie thought on the matter for quite a while.

Once she did make Cliath, she immediately informed her tribe and the denmother that she would be traveling with intentions to settle elsewhere. When quizzed on where she would go, she would only answer elsewhere. Shortly after she and her cousin had their affairs settled and were traveling together to see where Gaia led them to do Her work.

Gaia didn’t take long to guide them to where they met Midnight Wolf, a fellow Glass Walker with challenges of his own which required their heads to be put together. As a team, who became a pack of three, the trio searched for and found some Children of Gaia who offered to teach the cousins a rite to help ensure Midi would be able to keep his family intact. This left Josie indebted to the Children of Gaia for their generosity of teaching this gift, a debt she holds close to hear heart as a small price to pay for helping her friend keep his family.

Current State

Josie currently owns a cyber cafe, which serves as her pack's "place" as well as enables her urge to tinker around with electronics and other geeklings.

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