Jason Geirson

Basic Information about Jason

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Name: Jason Geirson
Tribe: Fenrir
Breed: Homid

Job: Physician
Pack Affiliation: Mate to Ian Geirson

Known History

Jason joined the Army so he could get his medical school costs covered. He wasn't expecting to be shipped overseas, but had always known it was a possibility.

It was a brutal few years, but worth it because of the lives he could save. He didn't care if they were friend, foe, or innocent bystander; he took care of everyone to the best of his ability.

One day, a guy came in, punched full of holes and unconscious. The tattoos on his arm were unmistakably Garou glyphs. The last thing he needed was a veil-breaching on his watch. He took Ian on personally.

The two bonded during the time Ian had to pretend to be recovering from his wounds. One thing led to another, and the two became mates.

At the end of the war, Ian was growing despondent over his lack of contact with other Garou. The two of them chose not to re-enlist for another tour of duty and have moved to Sweet Shelley, a city Ian heard had a need for protectors.

Current State

Jason is a generalist at an area hospital. He occasionally covers the ER and picks up extra shifts in the walk-in clinic to help pay the bills.

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