In The Beginning

Before we can go forward we need to go back to the beginning of time. We begin with Gaia.

Gaia is the world. Not just the physical stone, she's the symbol of the world along with being its soul.

Now in the beginning there was nothing on the Earth.

So Gaia made something called the Wyld. The Wyld was made to create things and fill the Earth, but the Wyld didn't make anything with a purpose. it just made stuff.

So the world was filled with this… stuff… Things without form or reason.

So Gaia made a being to give order to the chaos and called this being the Weaver.

The Weaver created patterns and code, she made DNA making all wolves have claws and making all birds have feathers. She made the seas and she made the lands.

the Weaver loved order so she made a race of creatures that had to explain everything; push everything to its limits and discover the secrets behind every rock and every stone.

With Gaia's blessing these creatures were given the ability to name things and define them.

The problem was that the world was filling up with things.

the Weaver loves things and collected them. No one ever aged or died or got sick and the world filled with creatures that had no place to go, the sky was blotted out by birds.

Beasts could have children but didn't die so they just filled everywhere… they also hadn't invented the condom yet.

So Gaia created the Wyrm.

And he was a powerful concept. He was decay and rot so that the forests would not fill up with leaves so high the trees were covered.

He was hunger and the need to eat.

He was disease and death and aging.

He made herbivores so that they would eat the plants and carnivores that would eat the other animals, scavengers and carrion-feeders to eat the dead.

He made the pack so that animals would band together and shun others and to the Weaver's helpers the namers…

He made different races, clans, tribes, families, dividing the humans into smaller groups. He created hate and jealousy and sorrow - but with sorrow came the realization that there had been joy. With rejection came the idea that there could be acceptance. It became a virtue. Without the Wyrm nothing would have value; not even life, for we need pain to know what pleasure is.

But the Weaver was enraged.

These were her creations, her things and the Wyrm was twisting them and taking them away. So she decided she would destroy the Wyrm.

The Weaver became one of her favoured creations, the Spider. She wove a web like her new chosen form, then she then called the Wyrm to speak with her and locked him into the web and into the form much like the creature in the ground that was his name sake.

It was then the Weaver discovered her folly. Can you guess what that was?

The Weaver does not destroy things. That is not her function so she could not destroy the Wyrm.

So the Weaver wrapped up the Wyrm like a spider does her prey but the Wyrm wouldn't just lay there. He thrashed and wormed around and wiggled for his freedom.

And then he called forth the Banes. Evil spirits. the purest of the concepts control by what we call the Triad.

The Wyrm sought to make himself servants to destroy the Weaver for he could not.

He created corruption and it leaked and oozed deforming those it touched, making animals rabid and making men into beasts and murderers.

The Weaver fought back by calling her own spirits and taking the bodies of the namers her helpers.

We call these servants Drones.

the War spilled over and the Wyld created her own beings but she shunned the Namers, she changed only the beasts of the woods into her soldiers and called them Gorgons.

The Namers were forever distanced from most Beasts.

The world was in turmoil and Gaia screamed in pain and sorrow so intense it split Pangaea.

Gaia created her own army to end this war. She took many Beasts and she took the Namers and she made new races from them, races that would be a bridge to repair the damage done by the Wyld and the Weaver who had separated Man and Beast.

Wolf was her Greatest Warrior and she made from Wolf and the Namers the Garou.

The Garou were of Man and Beast but not of themselves. Any children the Garou had with another Garou would die.

But the Wyrm decided not to allow it. He preserved these children, giving them deformities instead. The Wyrm hoped that this would isolate the Garou from Man and Wolf and make them his agents, but even the deformed children rejected the Wyrm to serve Gaia.

The spirits that served Gaia herself gave aid to her armies giving them gifts, The best and strongest leaders of the Garou were claimed by the spirit Falcon to become our leaders. The warriors with the most rage were claimed by Fenris, the most sly and cunning were claimed by Grandfather Thunder. The list goes on.

Gaia's Army was great and it seemed like they might win so the Wyrm brought about its greatest gambit. It would turn Gaia's army against itself.

He turned the Garou against Men with the promise that it would defeat the Weaver and end the confrontation.

Gaia created Silver to punish the Garou for their actions.

The Wyrm pitted us against the other Fera - the non-wolf shifters - and now we barely see them.

And finally the Wyrm set Tribe against Tribe and we are still recovering.

New splits formed; new Tribes which have popped up over the centuries, including the Bone Gnawers and the Warders of Men (who became the Glass Walkers).

And to this day we're still fighting the corruption sent out by the thrashing Wyrm.

- This Account Recorded From Richard Hardly Glass Walker Kinfolk Used to Teach Lost Cubs and Kin

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