Ime Kinku

Metis Master of the Challenge who showed up to help keep those at the caern from fighting when it was being awakened.

"One day we must all choose between what is right and what is easy."

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Ime's Known History

It is rumored that at the time of her birth, three bats flew in through the mouth of the cave where she was born; becoming disoriented with all the noise and failed to find their way out before becoming injured on the cave walls. Seeing this as an omen of ill-fate and bad luck, neither her mother's nor her father's birth tribe were willing to take in the metis child to be raised.

The stigma of her birth and the omen that accompanied her arrival in this world carried with her, bringing both gazes of pity and whispers of doom at her home sept as she grew and trained for adulthood.

Ime herself, however, saw this omen differently. Refusing to be bound by superstition, she set out to demonstrate by example that we must keep an unbiased eye before passing judgement; citing that logical reasons had brought those events to pass, and that as people we are all free to make our own choices.

She chose to stay at her home sept for many years, ensuring the families her parents later produced were cared for, and giving voice to orphans the sept became responsible for. As years went on, she found herself called "mother" by some of the orphans she gave her care and guidance to, and later grandmother by their children in honor of the role she played in their lives.

However as time goes on, the wheel turns as well. When her fostered "children" had grown to adulthood with families of their own started, she began to grow restless. She felt as if her purpose was complete, and that there was something more she needed to be doing before her own time was done. Feeling moved she set out, feeling drawn to go east towards the rising sun.

What met her in the east was an urgent need to move farther, before she encountered spirits with word of a caern that lay sleeping after a merciless attack. When she arrived, she found where she felt she needed to be. This place, that needed defending so it could grow strong once more.

And this is where she stayed.

Ime's Current State

Ime can often be found on the bawn, keeping close to the caern in case need for her presence arises. She hasn't yet left the area since arriving, though she keeps in touch with her pack through messengers. It would seem her purpose here is not yet complete.

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