Ian Geirson

Ian is a Get of Fenris ragabash. His father, a lieutenant colonel in the United States Marine Corps, is also garou and alpha of a large online pack that enables garou in the armed services to keep in touch with each other. His mother is kinfolk as well as a Marine.

His mate is Jason Geirson, a physician. They met while both enlisted in the Army.

"It is the job of the ragabash to do those things that others cannot without losing honor. A ragabash sacrifices his honor to preserve his packmates', and in doing so finds a higher glory."

Basic Information


Name: Ian Geirson
Deed Name: Silver Tail
Player: Ben

Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Get of Fenris

Pack Name: Urban Legends
Concept: ex-military engineer in his father's shadow


Garou's Attributes

Physical Social Mental
Strength x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png Charisma x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Perception x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png
Dexterity x.pngx.pngx.pngx.pngo.png Manipulation x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Intelligence x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Stamina x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png Appearence x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Wits x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png

Garou's Abilities

Talents Skills Knowledge
Altertness x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png Drive x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Computer x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Athletics x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Firearms x.pngx.pngx.pngx.pngo.png Medicine x.pngo.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Brawl x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png Melee x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Rituals x.pngo.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Empathy x.pngo.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Stealth x.pngo.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Technology x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Empathy x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png Survival x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Intimidation x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png
Streetwise x.pngo.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Subterfuge x.pngo.pngo.pngo.pngo.png

Garou's Advantages

Backgrounds Gifts Merits and Flaws
Purebreed x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Homid: Persuasion: Rank One Camp Enmity1 (1pt Flaw)
Allies2 x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png Ragabash: Liar’s Face: Rank One
Kinfolk3 x.pngo.pngo.pngo.pngo.png Get of Fenris: Visage of Fenris: Rank One


Level One Rites
Rite of Talisman Dedication

Ian's Experience Points

170 Banked

Ian's known history

Ian's early life was much like anyone's: Living all over the globe, combat training, and having pressed on him the importance of never ever ever telling the truth. It was a pretty standard childhood.

Well, standard if your father is a Get ahroun and both your parents are in the Marine Corps.

In retrospect, nobody should have been all that shocked a young Ian couldn't go more than two or three days without getting into some kind of trouble. He was born under the new moon, and it totally wasn't his fault those ghost chilies wound up in the General's soup! The undisciplined whelp was intolerable, and that incident was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Ian was not given a choice. He was shipped out to a military academy, remanded into the charge of a Get ragabash his father knew to be no nonsense in his handling of unruly young ones. Whether the idea was to force Ian to fall in line or completely push him over the edge remains a bone of contention between he and his father, but the inevitable result was an ugly confrontation between Ian and the surrogate guardian who caught him pilfering paperwork from a faculty member's office.

A very ugly confrontation. It was no surprise to anyone the report to Lt. Col. Geirson ended with news of his son's First Change.

No longer just watching the alpha's kid, the ragabash took to training Ian. Lesson number one: Punishments for stepping out of line were now three times as harsh. Why? (1) For doing the wrong deed, (2) for getting caught, and (3) for being an embarrassment to the Get and ragabash everywhere for being so careless. Ian learned fast.

After graduating the academy, he went on to West Point where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering — despite the no less than 50 inquiries and investigations into activities, including a number of petty crimes, that he was suspected of. Nothing could ever be proven, however. He suspects it is the reach of his father and the old dog's pack that kept him from being thrown out.

As was required of anyone graduating from West Point, he was commissioned in the Army as a second lieutenant and almost immediately was sent to the Middle East. Fortunately (in the mind of any Get worth the name), what was needed was an infantryman, not an engineer.

It was while stationed in Iraq he met Jason, earned himself a Purple Heart, received a number of commendations, and realized how horribly and terrifyingly lonely it is to be a wolf without a pack. He could never bring himself to rejoin his father's, and his father agreed it would simply be improper.

When his time in the service was up, he and Jason took their discharges and returned to civilian life. A friend in his father's pack directed Ian to a Silver Fang caern that had recently been resurrected. It seemed as good a place to go as anywhere…

Ian's current state

Ian is the Urban Legends' resident raggie and pack Alpha. His instincts tend toward the violent response to a situation. As often as his Ragabash nature allows him to temper that instinct, it also leads him to fixate on creative use of violence as the only solution to a problem.

Ian loves and is devoutly loyal to his tribe, but he recognizes its flaws for what they are. He also recognizes the other tribes for their strengths that the Fenrir could learn from. He goes out of his way to learn about the other tribes as much as possible and interact with them on their level instead of as The Fenrir. This sometimes creates a conflict when folks used to Ian being the Diplomat suddenly see the Brutality in him.

Ian has a love-hate relationship with his father, but gets along wonderfully with his mother. Both parents are high ranking officers at the USMC training facility on Parris Island, South Carolina (father is a Colonel, mother is a Captain). He is married to Jason Geirson, a doctor at one of the local hospitals.

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