Haruto Harry Knight

Character Summary

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Basic Information


Name: Haruto "Harry" Knight
Deed: Name Soaring Sun
Player: Lee Lee

Breed: Homid
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Children of Gaia

Rank: Cliath
Pack Name: Bear Brigade



Garou's Attributes

Physical Social Mental
Strength x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Dexterity x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Stamina x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Charisma x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png
Manipulation x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png
Appearence x.pngx.pngo.pngo.pngo.png
Perception x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png
Intelligence x.pngx.pngx.pngx.pngo.png
Wits x.pngx.pngx.pngo.pngo.png

Garou's Abilities

Talents Skills Knowledge
Altertness 1
Athletics 1
Brawl 1
Empathy 1
Expression 1
Primal-Urge 1
Animal-Ken 2
Crafts 2
Etiquette 1
Melee 1
Performance 2
Stealth 1
Survival 1
Academics 2
Computer 1
Enigmas 1
Investigation 1
Medicine 2
Occult 2
Rituals 1
Science 1
Technology 2

Garou's Advantages

Spirit Heritage1 3
Resources 2
Ancestors 3

Homid: Apecraft’s Blessings: Rank One

Theurge: Spirit Speech: Rank One

Children of Gaia: Mother’s Touch: Rank One

Merits and Flaws
Merits Spirit Magnet (1pt Merit)
Daredevil (3pt. Merit)
Natural Channel (3pt. Merit)
Notable Heritage (2pt. Merit)

Flaws Slip Sideways (1pt Flaw)
Foe From the Past (3pt Flaw)
Curiosity (2pt. Flaw)
Dark Secret (1pt. Flaw)


Experience Points

115 Unspent

00 Spent

Garou's Known History

Garou's Current State

Notes and Other Theurge Blessing Spirits: Bragir Axis Mundi Page 61. Happiness Spirits Basically.

Garou's Link

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Notes and Other Theurge Blessing Spirits: Bragir Axis Mundi Page 61. Happiness Spirits Basically.

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