Gurahl General Gifts

Rank One

Desperate Strength (Level One)
The werebear calls on desperate reserves for a sudden surge of strength. A badger-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: When rolling a Feat of Strength (see p. 270), the werebear may add one die to the roll for each level of bashing damage he willingly accepts as the price of this Gift.

Healing Tongue (Level One)
The Gurahl can cure any wound they can lick, this can be dangerous if the wound was caused by acid or some other dangerous material. This Gift can be used on the healer themselves.

System: The Gurahl licks the wound, if the wound is a place that is hard to reach such as on the Gurahl's back then the Gurahl must make a Dex + Athletics roll diff 6. If the Wound is in a place like on the back of the Gurahl's head then the Gift cannot be used.

The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Empathy (difficulty is the target’s current Rage, or 5 for those with no Rage). Each success heals one level of lethal, bashing, or aggravated damage. The healer may even heal fresh Battle Scars (see p. 259) in this manner, if the Gift is applied during the same scene in which the scar is received and an extra Gnosis point is spent.

Ignore Wounds (Level One)
Fortifying herself with purpose and will, the werebear shuts out the pain of her wounds. A bear- or badger-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Willpower point; the character ignores all wound penalties for the rest of the scene.

Nature’s Plenty (Level One)
This Gift allows the Gurahl to always locate sufficient food and
medicinal herbs to tend to an individual in need of his ministrations. Regardless of the season, enough of the required plants or herbs may be found, even if they are buried under deep snow or growing in the most unlikely of places. A raven-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Perception + Survival, difficulty 7.

Sense Pattern Breaker (Level One)
The werebear can sense nearby manifestations of the Wyrm. This Gift involves a mystical sense, not a visual or olfactory image, although Gurahl often describe the Wyrm’s spiritual emanations as a stench. This Gift doesn’t necessarily sense dedication to the Wyrm, merely contact with its spiritual essence, which can cling to even blameless souls. Sense Wyrm requires active concentration; the spiritual sense it provides doesn’t function passively. The Gift may be taught by any Gaian spirit.

System: The player rolls Perception + Occult. The difficulty depends on the concentration and strength of the Wyrm’s influence: sensing a single fomor in the next room would be difficulty 6, while detecting the stench of a Bane that was in the room an hour ago would be difficulty 7. Vampires register as Wyrm-tainted, save those with Humanity ratings of 7 or higher.

Sentinel’s Warning (Level One)
When a ship is sinking, the bear leave first. The Gurahl gains an instinctive flash of warning when danger is near. Rat-spirits teach this Gift.

System: The Storyteller warns the character when danger is imminent (though not the nature of the threat) one turn before it appears. This Gift’s effects are permanent.

Ursa’s Cleansing (Level One)
The werebear’s body is hardened against toxins of all sorts. A rat-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The werebear is permanently immunized to mundane poisons, from arsenic to alcohol, and adds three dice to resist the effects of Wyrm-enhanced toxins. This Gift may be turned off and on at will (such as for enjoying alcohol).

Wyld Resurgence (Level One)
Bent to Gaia’s service, the creative, living essence of the Wyld roars through the Fury’s body, shining beneath her skin as a rippling wave of prismatic energy which focuses on and shines out through her wounds. This surge supercharges the werebear’s regenerative powers, quickly mending even the most grievous of wounds. A servant of Pegasus teaches this Gift.

System: The Gurahl spends a turn in concentration and the player spends one Gnosis point. The werebear immediately heals either three levels of bashing damage or two levels of lethal damage. With the expenditure of a Willpower point in addition to the Gnosis point, one level of aggravated damage may be healed instead. Damage caused by silver weapons cannot be healed with this Gift.

Rank Two

Calm (Level Two)
This Gift imparts the secret of quelling the anger in others. A unicorn-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Empathy (difficulty equals the target’s Willpower). Each success removes one of the target’s Rage points, which may be regained normally. If used on a creature capable of frenzy which has no Rage (vampires, some fomori), the Gift cancels the frenzy if the player scores at least three successes.

Grisly Aspect (Level Two)
The werebear displays his full, terrifying might — baring teeth or claws, roaring, or simply looming ominously over a foe. Terror strikes one foe into quiescence. Spirits of fear teach this Gift.

System: The player rolls Strength + Intimidation (difficulty equal to the target’s Willpower). Each success cows the enemy for one turn; the victim cannot attack during this time, but may defend himself and otherwise act normally (although his actions are likely guided by overwhelming terror).

Roused to Fury (Level Two)
Though the Gurahl love life, spring, and all that is good of Gaia, they aren’t pacifists; they always stand ready to protect their Mother. The werebear’s Rage bursts forth in a torrent when another breaks the peace she so cherishes. A bear-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: This Gift may only be used at the beginning of a battle that was not initiated by the Gurahl, her pack, or her allies. The player spends one point of Rage; for the rest of the scene, the character enjoys one additional dot of Strength and Dexterity when attacking the enemy who fired the first shot of the battle, or any character that has inflicted an injury on a member of the character's pack during the scene.

Treeshake (Level Two)
By simply shaking a tree, the Gurahl may procure enough fruits and nuts to feed several people — regardless of what sort of tree is selected, or whether it is in season. A bear-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point, and produces enough food to sate (Succor) individuals.

Rank Three

Calm the Savage Beast (Level Three)
Even the most jaded can sympathize with the Rage that moves their fellow shifters in the final days. This Gift allows the werebear to lend a frenzying Gurahl the will to escape her Rage’s hold over her. It is taught by an ancestor-spirit.

System: The player spends a Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Primal-Urge (difficulty 8). If successful, the Willpower point soothes a frenzying Gurahl within 30 feet (9 m), canceling the frenzy. By spending an extra point of Willpower, this Gift may affect non-Gurahl in a state of frenzy, such as other shapeshifters or vampires.

Dreams of the Buri-Jaan (Level Three)
The Gurahl sends dream messages to a known cub she has chosen to mentor. These dreams and visions act as both a summons and a directional guide. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Occult (difficulty determined by the distance between the two — difficulty 4 if the cub is within a mile, up to difficulty 9 for a cub over a thousand miles away). Alternately, spending two Gnosis points allows the character to send dreams and visions to an unknown cub actively seeking guidance.

Ease the Fevered Mind (Level Three)
The Gurahl can restore what another lacks: not only wounds healed, but also strength of will and even spiritual essence. Any spirit of love or avatar of Unicorn may teach this Gift.

System: The Gurahl touches the afflicted individual kindly. The two need not be lovers, but the contact must convey affection and warmth — an embrace, a caress, or yet more intimate contact. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Medicine; each success heals one level of bashing or lethal damage, or restores one point of Willpower or Essence (if the target is a spirit). The difficulty is the Rage or Willpower of the target (whichever is higher). The player may choose to divide the successes among multiple results. Alternately, by neither healing wounds nor restoring Willpower or Essence, the Gurahl may suppress a Derangement for one day per success. This Gift cannot provide permanent relief from such afflictions, but it can act as a start on the road to recovery.

Survival of the Bear (Level Three)
The Gurahl takes no damage from poison or disease, and he may exist in any environment, regardless of pressure, temperature, or atmospheric conditions. This Gift doesn’t protect the Garou from hazardous situations (such as falling), only hazardous environments. A bear-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Survival (difficulty 7). The Gift lasts for one hour per success.

Rank Four

Heart of the Mountain (Level Four)
The werebear becomes as untiring and eternal as the mountains, and cannot be defeated in a test of endurance. A mountain goat-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Rage point and one Willpower point. For the rest of the scene, the Gurahl cannot fail any task involving Stamina. Torturers can never break him; though he can’t breathe underwater and his lungs may fill with water, he will not die. The only exception to this is soaking damage. While this Gift is active, the werebear is guaranteed to always soak at least one level of damage, but otherwise takes damage normally.

Hide the Bear (Level Four)
The war against the Wyrm isn’t always a matter of slashing claws and righteous fury — sometimes duplicity is required. A werebear can temporarily “restrain” her inner bear and appear to be a normal human. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis (difficulty of her own Willpower). Success causes the character to appear human to all supernatural scrutiny. The Gift also nullifies the Curse and makes spending Rage impossible, and locks her in homid form so long as its effects persist. The number of successes determines the Gift’s duration; to “free the bear” before that time elapses requires a full turn of concentration and another point of Gnosis.

Successes Duration
One One scene
Two 12 hours
Three One day
Four One week
Five One lunar cycle

Masking the Hunted (Level Four)
The Gurahl may use terrain to conceal up to 12 human or bear-sized individuals from pursuers. A bear-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Stealth (difficulty 7). The Gurahl may hide up to 12 targets, including himself, for one hour per success.

Rank Five

Gaia’s Breath (Level Five)
With this legendary Gift, the Gurahl may return a deceased shapeshifter to life. Bear herself teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one point each of permanent Gnosis and Willpower, then rolls Charisma + Occult (difficulty 6 + the number of hours since death). Success restores life to the target with one health level restored per success. A botch opens the corpse to possession by a powerful Bane. This Gift may be attempted once and only once on a single creature.

Gentle Soul (Level Five)
The werebear’s nature as a bringer of comfort and release from pain finally
overwhelms the Rage simmering within. A servant of Gaia Herself teaches this Gift.

System: The character is no longer subject to the Curse (see W20,p. 262); her Rage never leaks out to alienate those around her.

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