Gukutsushi Gifts

Rank One

Blur of the Milky Eye (Level One)
As the Ragabash Gift.

Clear the Mind (Level One)
As the Children of Gaia Gift: Calm.

Mother’s Touch (Level One)
As the Theurge Gift.

Open Seal (Level One)
As the Ragabash Gift.

Rank Two

Dreamspeak (Level Two)
As the Galliard Gift.

Fan-Shadow-Robe (Level Two)
The Kitsune can change her appearance. She can’t precisely duplicate the appearance of another, however, or perfectly replicate complex patterns or garments (such as military uniforms). Chimerlings teach this Gift.

System: The player rolls Manipulation + Empathy, with the difficulty depending on how radical the Kitsune wishes the change to be (6 to change hair and eye color, 8 to appear as a different build and ethnicity entirely). The alterations last for one scene.

Silver Tongue (Level Two)
As the Fianna Gift: Glib Tongue.

Taking the Forgotten (Level Two)
As the Ragabash Gift.

Rank Three

Distant Whispers (Level Three)
As the Kitsune Shinju Gift.

Ebisu’s Fingers (Level Three)
As the Ragabash Gift: Gremlins.

Liar’s Craft (Level Three)
As the Ragabash Gift.

Rank Four

Moon-Fan-Face-Shadow (Level Four)
As the Glass Walker Gift: Doppelganger.

• Whelp Body (Level Four)
As the Ragabash Gift.

Rank Five

• Madness (Level Five)— As the metis Gift.
• Mist on the Water (Level Five)— As the Fianna
Gift: Fog on the Moor.

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