Glimpse The Abyss - WIP

Name Glimpse the Abyss
Deed Name With The Tides
Player Blackfyre

Breed Metis
Auspice Ahroun
Tribe Fianna
Pack Name

Physical Primary
Strength 4
Dexterity 3
Stamina 3

Social Primary
Charisma 2
Manipulation 2
Appearance 2

Mental Primary
Perception 2
Intelligence 2
Wits 3

Talents Primary
Alertness 1
Athletics 3
Brawl 3
Intimidation 3
Primal-Urge 3

Skills Secondary
Melee 3
Stealth 3
Survival 3

Knowledges Tertiary
Enigmas 2
Rituals 3

Pure Breed 3
Ancestors 2
Rites 3

Breed Gift (Metis)
Create Element
Auspice Gift (Ahroun)
Spur Claws
Tribe Gift (Fianna)
Resist Toxin

Rage 5
Gnosis 3
Willpower 6

Alcohol Tolerance 1pt
Inner Strength 2pts

Compulsion 1pt

Other Traits

Rite of Talisman Dedication
Rite of Cleansing
Prayer for the Prey

Notes and Other
Appears as a woman in her late teens with red hair and freckles while in homid, but her eyes are always black. Wears sunglasses in daylight, even in the winter.

Freebie Use
-3 points Merits
+1 point flaw
15 - 3(Merits) + 1(Flaw) =13
-7 gift
-3 WP
-3 Rites
-1 Purebreed and -1 for additional background point unaccounted for overspent 2 Freebies

Experience Points

15 Unspent

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