Ghostwood Umbra

The Umbra of Ghostwood is still marked by the tragedy that look place, some times shadows will seem to take on event that have happened before, despite the fact that all of the colours seem brighter and more vivid the water there is the colour of blood. The white flowers that mysteriously allow others to see the umbra shine like stars.

The Maze

There is a massive hedge maze that exists in the umbra and takes over place that is also in the forest, The leaves of the hedge are blood red and the Maze is inhabited by Enigma Spirits.

In the real world this causes anyone who would try to get into the caern without knowing the proper way end up being lead back off of the bawn again.

In the Umbra those lost in the Maze get let into the Oubliette which is a sub umbral realm that can only be accessed by the exit through special means.

The entrance is a door in the ground with a special handle that only Ciro knows how to enter. This leads to a square room which has a grate across from the entrance. Which shows the Sub Umberal Realm a stone cell from above.

Lake of Blood

The water that is in the caern in the Umbra is a blood red, it does not taste like blood and doesn't appear to stain though in the real world the water looks blue as normal.

The lake itself represents the blood that was spilled by the Garou and kinfolk who scarified themselves to save the caern.

The Ghosts

The ghost of the fallen honourable dead are in the Umbra close, they can be seen milling around some times out of the Umbra generally speaking they won't actually interact with people unless spoken to. They seems half there and dreamy, appearing in their breed form.

If the Caern is attacked the Ghosts will rise taking on physical form to fight for the Caern.

Forest of Bone

In the Umbra the forest's tree have bark which is the colour of bone, polished and stained and otherwise the leaves of the trees look brown like thinly sliced marrow.

When the leaves fall to the ground they turn red like spilled blood.

Children of Bat

There are strange bats that seem to live in the umbra. If someone tries to catch one it has the substance of smoke. They do not set off any of the caern's defenses and are rarely seen, none of them set off sense wyrm.

Often they are not fully seen only out of a corner of the eye or as a shadow.

Important Spirits

These are important spirit that live in the caern but have no been mentioned to this point.

Spirit of Dark Lonely Water

A death spirit which lives under the lake in a cave, it takes the spirits of the innocent who drown there and keeps them for itself, not necessarily an evil being but not particularly nice either. This Cave does not exist in the real world.

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