Guest Wing

The Guest Wing and it's Servant's Quarters is part of the old Manor that has Survived. It has been refitted so that visitors can stay there and is the home of the Master of the Challenge should she be needed.

The Building is Physically stable though There is no working pluming or electrical power, all light is provided by candle or oil lamp, you may bring your own flashlight.

Any attempts to add modern convince will end in Ciro or Ime throwing you into the lake.

Entrance Area

There is a set of stairs leading up to a flat area from the Spirit Garden to an entrance to the guest wing, This must have been to allow the guests to go down to the Gardens if they wanted.

This entrance being a back door in a way has a hallway and two stair leading up making it seem like there isn't really an entrance to the first floor here, but the stair to the left lead up to a small landing and them immediately go down leading to the Servants Quarters.

Servant's Quarters

The almost secret passage that leaves from the stairs at the front, It lead to almost a mirror of the entrance including a mural of the entrance and a stair way and a stairway like the one in the entrance but this one goes down leading to a network of tunnels that must have gone all over the caern in it's early days.

The Servant's Quarters here where originally for the Guest to call for servants more easily.

The rooms all have one slab for a mattress and enough place for a small wardrobe or chest. There is a hole in the ceiling which should have a bell hanging from it.

There is also a Half kitchen in here that is the closest room to the stairs leaving this area. This Half Kitchen is the size of any modern kitchen in a home but half the size of the Kitchen that would have been in the original Manor.

It contains a Wood Oven and a Pantry which is partly underground for the sake of space.

Ime's Room

There is one room that has a glyph written on it in simple black paint for the Master of the Challenge.

Ime's room isn't more or less then any of the other guest quarters just that there have been more changes made to it.

Wooden slats have been cemented to ceiling, about a centimeter apart and about three down from the actual ceiling, growing our of the hole in the ceiling for where a bell should be and twining the slats is a Chocolate Vine.

Her window isn't plain clear glass but coloured glass picked out of the ruins and put back together in the shape of the Child of Gaia Glyph which leaves the symbol in coloured light over her door.

She has a Small wardrobe for her clothes and a small writing desk which can be folded up to make more space in the room.

Guest Rooms

The Guest Rooms are all larger than the servant quarters, the rooms are all different colours carefully picked for the furniture that was originally in the room. The floors are all hardwood and the trim follows in Suit.

Every three rooms there is a large Circular window adding a large amount of light to these rooms that are about half a foot off the floor and half a foot taller than the average person.

The furniture is not as grand as the former trappings all of them taken from second hand stores and other places. All of the linens and things are clean though not always matching.

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