Ghostwood Cemetery

Where the honourable dead of the caern have been buried since the old caern's founding. Originally the cemetery was for Silver Fangs only but places have been made for newly fallen heroes if needed. There is a half circle of mausoleums in two rows the entrances of both of these rows face one another. Outside these rows in the middle of the half circle are more graves which are overgrown with time.

Crescent of Tombs

The Crescent is a half circles of tombs each had a gate at each end on a slant finishing off the crescent shape. Above Each Gate is a different pattern made of Crescents Moons, which seem to shimmer slightly as if there are bits of a silver coloured ore in that part of the stone.

These Tombs contain the Most Honoured dead, Containing the bodies of former sept heroes and Silver Fangs there are legends sung about.

Some bodies of notable Silver Fangs were added after the attack, including the Rites Master Silver Seed, however Silver Seeds Place in the crypt is constantly causing issues.

Silver Seed's coffin use to be displayed in order, after the fifth time trying to place it back and even one coffin splitting Cruel Storm has merely left it on the floor. At one point a mass of beetles crawled out of it, Something always seems wrong with that particular coffin.

Other graves are less worrisome single crypts for Sept Elders of different positions names carefully detailed at the door to each.

Some times those who are there when days is not quite night and night is not quite day believe to see the honourable dead walking the crescent.


The Crescent

Graves in the Woods

These are individual graves which are scattered outside the Crescent, Honourable dead but no high enough ranked nor heroic in life and death enough to make it into the crypts.

Some graves might belong to beloved kinfolk, some might belong to those of other tribes, there maybe political reasons that some of the people in these graves didn't make it into the crypts.

These Graves are held in nature and all new dead are being added here, The Crescent is reserved for the Graves of the past and shining out from it are the graves of the future.

Sofiya Albrecht's Grave
A simple stone grave with two young trees growing around it, the grave simply read, "Sleeping in Mother's Arms. She has a place in our minds."
Sofiya's Sheet

Unknown She was Loved Dearly

The origin of the tomb is unknown. It's not in the Crescent and it's a little off to the side of the other graves. There is no real remembrance of the original purpose of this tomb - it now contains a single large wood coffin which is not made of stone.

When it was originally found there was a lock that seemed second hand holding the door closed. There were smaller bodies all around the coffin carefully wrapped in more primitive manners of preserving a body.

The small Crypt was also filled with children's toys and wilted flowers.

On the outside of the Crypt was spray-painted in black letters which have faded from time says "She Was Loved Dearly."

Ciro is the only member of the sept who has gone inside and seen inside the tomb. He has said that the person inside is most certainly a woman. He believes she died defending the sept children from the attack hence her entombment here.

If Ciro has an idea of who set this up he's not saying a word he merely cares for this place like he would any other, insisting this is the grave of a hallowed hero.


Mysterious Tomb

Fallen Heroes

A spot for listing Heroes who have died in the past of the caern and elsewhere. If your character dies valiantly they will be listed here.

Dawn Wolf

Alpha of the Fallen Sept who would not pull back and allow the Wyrm to take the caern.

Silver Seed
Gaviil The Undistorted

Dishonorable Dead

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