Ghostwood Bawn

The area around a Caern which is still part of the primary territory of the Sept. This area is the place where the former Silverwood Manor grounds where original built to protect the Leadership Caern which was there before, the Caern itself backs onto Sweet Water National Forest which was formerly also part of the Caern of Leadership. The Bawn also includes an observation deck style area for those who wish to come to the caern but cannot fully enter or do not wish to.

Manor Ruins

The Ruins of the former Silver Fang Manor Silverwood, this formerly great structure still has parts that makes up places in the local Caern. The Former Manor was a great structure at least four stories high larger in some places.

The Shelll of Silverwood Manor is a struture of pre civil war origin. Cut in pieces of Lime Stone, part of the manor house still stand despite the attack which left most of the caern destroyed. Much of this save for one wing currently used for visiting Homis Borns to stay in none of these areas are completely intact.

The structure was formerly four stories tall, more stories in some places.

The Most Notibile of the remaining walls is the front entrance and front balcony. The stone front is covered in ivy which is one of the plants that has re-taken the land after the black out and spiral attack of 2003.

The front has been left in ruins to keep it camouflaged from any passers by. There is a marker with the glyph for Caern spray painted onto it so passing Garou and Kinfolk know what it is.

There is a large tree near the front some say was planet when the original Caern was founded, however the tree seems too young to fit with the time line.

Near the front there is a structure that was formerly a coach house which is used to store vehicles that will be there over night. The former front drive is now incomplete moasiac of Falcon and his brood created out of different coloured stones, the only one who can be properly identified now is Wyvern.

Many of the plants that have been replanted and re grown are trees and herbs with a spiritual significances and despite the regrowth seeming almost random there is a very careful order to the plants that have been added.

There are some places that are flat grassy areas amount the ruins perfect for picnicking or meeting.


Old Manor front and Entrance to Ghostwood Caern

Silverwood Cottage


Silverwood Cottage on the Bawn of Ghostwood Caern

The cottage is the only part of the former structure that wasn't burned down. Formerly the cottage was used as a guest house, but since the destruction of the main building it has become the home of the Warder and his wife.

Kinfolk tend to congregate here rather then entering the caern proper. The house consists of a small office area, a kitchen area with a place for eating and an old stove.

A back area with a secret place under the back step large enough to hide a body and several rooms upstairs.

There is a set of benches for visitors to sit and mingle on right outside a large glass window.

Sweet Water National Forest

Sweet Water National park is a forest protected area established by a Silver Fang kinfolk named Dashkov, area is quite and has bike trails and hiking paths along with a small lake of clear water.

The park has some other odd things about it, rumors that say the forest to contains the loot from two of Sweet Shelley's most famous crimes: the DeSilver Armored Car Robbery of 1974 ($4.4 million), and the Royal Canton Jewel Heist of 1960 ($3.6 million.)

There is also suppose to the a Cave that is in the Forest from the times of the Uktena and Wendigo called Owl Cave.

Owl Cave seems to move around never being in the same place twice in fact most never see the mysterious cave at all, almost as if it stalks those who stay in the Forest too long human or Garou.


Observation deck in Sweet Water National Forest

Riverside Cabins and Camp


Basic cabins from above the lake.

Managed by Nils, the mate and husband of the Den Mother, the Cabins over look the lake on the edge of the main caern area. These Cabins are offered for free use as needed.

The land that the Cabins rest on are on a slope letting all the cabins have a good view over the lake. At the top of the slope is an parking area that seven to ten campers can fit in comfortably.

This is where there are phone and electricity if that is the type of thing your character needs but they are not immediately on main caern grounds.

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