Garden Of Spirits

A garden around a pond that has been carefully maintained, there are stone statues here for many spirits that inhabit the local area. There is also a strange white flower which when smoked can make the person smoking it see the spirit world which grow here.

Lake Eternal Comfort

A calm lake that also has some rivers which travel through the caern and National Park. This water is calm and lovely though has a thick red clay that if stirred up can look like blood.

On the shores are strange white flowers that can be used for oil that if given to anyone would cause them to see the umbra.

The Trees in this area tend toward being Weeping Willows.


There are carefully carved to represent different broods native to the caern, local Animal life along with ghosts and other spirits that are important to a Caern of Sacrifice.

Carefully carved from stone taken from the Manor which had fallen.

Herbs and Flowers

The garden has both flowers that bloom at day and flowers that bloom at night, they are placed among one another so that the area looks full in day time or in night time.

There are also herbs carefully picked for their meanings and for their important to the spirits. They also have a meaning significant to giving and sacrifice.

Fruit Trees

There are also various Fruit trees in the caern mainly in the Spirit Garden, the fruit from these trees that circle the Spirit Garden are often harvested and a percentage of them are sacrificed to the Spirits to honour the Nature of the Caern.

There are special places these Fruits are left to rot, feeding the fertility of the Garden and symbolize how Sacrifice is part of the natural order.

Totem Path

A Mosaic path which is straight rather then a spiral which leads to a circle that has a image of the Wyvern the Caern Totem in the middle. the pieces of this mosaic is taken from tiles and glass ware along with other types of pottery taken from the fallen Manor.

There is a 2 and a half by 2 foot area for the totem of each pack that makes up the Sept.

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