Form Stats


Since Mokole reptile forms are so varied here are the ones your character can be.

Makara (Mugger crocodile, Chinese alligator)

Str +1, Dex +0, Sta +2, Man –3, Rage 3

Wiki Link Mugger Crocodile
Wiki Link Chinese Alligator

Gharial (Gavials)

Str +1, Dex –1, Sta +3, Man –4, Rage 4

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Karna (Saltwater Crocodile)

Str +3, Dex –2, Sta +3, Man –4, Rage 3

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Ora (Monitor lizards)

Str +0, Dex +0, Sta +2, Man –4, Rage 51

Archid Characteristics

Each Mokolé’s Archid form has the following trait modifiers in addition to any bonuses given via Archid Characteristics: Strength +4, Dexterity –1, Stamina +4, Manipulation –3, Appearance 0; causes Delirium, may bite and claw for aggravated damage (both at Strength +2).

Players get a Characteristic for each dot of Gnosis they have.

The following characteristics are appropriate for a Mokolé’s Archid form. All bonuses and penalties are effective only while in Archid form. Starred characteristics may be purchased more than once, the bonuses from each stack.

Armored Scales*:

+2 Soak.


Body mass doubles, height remains same. Stamina +1, +2 damage to Body Slam or Tackle attempts.

Binocular Vision:

+2 on all visual-based Perception rolls. –2 to opponents attempts to surprise.

Bladed Tail:

Gains a tail lash maneuver (Str +2 aggravated damage, difficulty 7).

Color Change:

+1 difficulty to spot the Mokolé while hiding.

Constricting Coils:

+3 dice to attempts to immobilize target.

Deep Lung:

Can swim underwater for up to an hour or hold breath up to 5 minutes in combat.

Fiery Pearl:

+3 to Intimidate versus vampires and wyrm creatures.


Double swimming speed.

Fire Breath*:

Can breathe fire (or a corrosive aerosol) once per day for each time this trait is taken. The cloud is a fire with soak difficulty 7, damage per turn 2, and extends out to (Rage) yards in front of the character. The attack lasts only one turn but may ignite flammable objects for continued damage.


Fully amphibious.

Grasping Hands:

Normal manual dexterity in Archid form.

Hinged Jaw:

May extend jaw to swallow (non-resisting) objects up to Archid form’s Size.

Hollow Bones:

Bones are hollow, but strong. +3 to Dexterity for purposes of movement, and may soar effortlessly for hours if also has WingsCharacteristic.


Gains a gore maneuver (Str +2 aggravated damage, difficulty 7).

Long Neck:

Can attack targets up to 10 feet away with Bite attack.

Long Teeth:

Bite damage is increased to Strength +3.

Long Tongue:

Tongue is as long as Archid body, has Strength 1 and Dexterity equal to Mokolé’s Dexterity in Archid form.

Poison Sacs*:

May inject poison once per day for each time this trait is taken. On a successful bite attack, the victim must soak four additional dice of poison damage.

Predator’s Roar:

Gains roar attack usable once per scene. All characters (including allies) within close combat range roll Willpower (difficulty equal to Mokolé’s Rage). Anyone who fails the roll must flee as though in a fox frenzy.

Prehensile Tail:

May use as if it was a hand, including wielding a weapon. Normal attack limits apply.

Resplendent Crest:

+3 to Appearance and +1 to Charisma.

Royal Crest:

+2 to Social rolls involving Nagah or any Mokolé stream.

Sickening Slime:

Any opponent that bites you loses their next full turn retching. –2 to non-Mokolé Social interactions.


Body mass and height doubles, +1 Stamina. Can reach/see over obstacles more easily. +2 to Perception when Storyteller deems appropriate due to height.

Terrible Claws:

Claw damage increases to Strength +3.

Tongue Flick:

+2 to tracking rolls involving scent

Upright Walking:

Frees up forelimbs when walking.

Webbed Feet:

May swim at 150% speed and walk without trouble on soft surfaces.


Can fly at 20mph for 1 hour per point of Stamina, then must rest for 8 hours. Can be combined with Hollow Bones for longer flight.

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