Eyes of Rage

Gnosis, 6

Eyes can be rolled to activate for a scene.

When active the eyes will weep blood giving the player a + 1 diff to all non gift social rolls. The player also gives off an aura of rage which causes them to trigger uneasy feelings in none Garou as if they had rage greater then the none garou's willpower.

When the eyes are active the player may not remove themselves from physical combat until all adversaries are dead. Should an outside source remove the character from combat they must roll rage to see if they will frenzy. They will then have a - 1 to Frenzy diffs for the next scene.

The player can only see when the eyes are active. Even if the character was previously blind.

The eyes see everything in a red haze and the player cannot accurate tell things like the colour of objects and red objects may blend into white for them.

When the eyes are active the player may roll rage once around to automatically receive an extra action.

Gnosis cannot be spent or rolled while the eyes are active.

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