Example History

This is a Page to help people with how their History should be brought in.

Before Birth

  • Bob's Mother wanted a Garou Baby, she dropped out of her pack and started getting knocked up by other people's kinfolk with high pure breed.
  • Bob's Mother is duped by a Garou posing as his kinfolk to teach Bob's mother a lesson.
  • Bob's mother semi retires to help at the caern and raise Bob.
  • Bob is born in San Fransisco

Pre-First Change

  • Raised as a Metis with his sibling, Bob was not allowed outside.
  • His home life was friendly.
  • Bob wanted a princess dress.
  • Bob's mother gave him the dress and used it to teach him how to keep it nice.
  • Disliking his appearance Bob started getting into dolls and fashion.
  • Getting Near his first change his mother started bringing Bob to the local caern.

First Change & After

  • Bob went through his first change when he was told he couldn't wear his Princess dress during hunting practice, he was mostly worried about what would happen to it when it was taken by someone not his mother.
  • After Bob's first change he realized he was beautiful, and he was able to use his play with clothes and make up on himself.
  • Bob's right of passage was to get back at a man who had assaulted a female kinfolk. Bob dressed as a woman and publicly embarrassed the man sending video of the two of them together to friends and family.
  • Bob was given the deed name Makes Boys Cry, a reference to the Crying Game.
  • Bob was a social person and he joined the Sisterhood Camp, making contacts and doing fairly well for himself.
  • Using his love of clothing Bob became a Personal Shopper and Fashion Consultant.

Coming to the Caern

  • A member of Bob's Mother's Former Pack, Despoina, asked Bob to come and help her.
  • Bob felt out social situation and brought messages for Despoina, he ended up staying because he liked the people.
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