Example Character Ewan Tyme

I picked this character because I know him the best, hopefully it will give people a good idea what sheets will look like. We will be giving each character 5 freebies as well.

Basic Information

Name: Ewan Tyme
Deed Name: Weaving Tree
Player: Clara

Breed: Homid
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Child of Gaia

Rank: Cliath
Camp: None

Ewan's Stats

Concept: Out of place Theurge
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Traditionalist

Mental Traits1

Ewan having been raised by various interesting person such as his ancestors and his foster parents has left the Claith very Knowledgeable, he has learned over time to be Attentive to others, aided by his Patient nature. He is Observent which helps him to be Alert and Insightful, using all of this he can be quite Clever.

Physical Traits2

Ewan has a Wiry build that allows him to be quite Nimble, When it comes to combat Ewan has a Steady hand. Though his thin build can make him a little Delicate3.

Social Traits4

Ewan is a Handsome5 young man who treats everyone in a Friendly manner, he acts in a Charming way, his Empathic abilities help to make him very Diplomatic. Fespite all this due to Unicorn not dully excepting him he is considered by some to be Untrustworthy6.


Ewan is an excellent cook and has been Cooking7 from a young age, he has been well trained with a blade and is well versed in Melee combat. Ewan loves puzzles and Enigmas weather they are helping other with his Empathy or solving a mystery. As a Theurge he is well versed in Rituals.

Spirit Speech
Mother's Touch

Ancestors 59
Purebreed 110
Fetish 311
Rites 1


Rage 2

Gnosis 312

Willpower 4

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