Engineer Gifts

Rank One

Control Simple Machine (Level One)
The Ratkin may command the spirits of the simplest machines, causing levers to flip, doors to unbolt, pulleys to roll, and so on. Any technological spirit can teach this Gift.

System: The player spends a Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Crafts (difficulty 7). The Garou’s control lasts until the end of the scene.

Open Seal (Level One)
The wererat can open nearly any sort of closed or locked physical device. A raccoon-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the local Gauntlet rating). If the object is sealed with magic,the player must spend a Gnosis point before making the attempt.

Trash is Treasure (Level One)
The refuse of humanity provides all the canny Engineer needs. Through the use of this Gift, any broken object can be temporarily restored to full functionality and usefulness. A raccoon-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player takes hold of a broken object and rolls Wits + Crafts. The object functions perfectly for one turn per success, and also supplies its own power, fuel, or ammunition — a dull knife cuts, a busted microwave runs (without being plugged into anything), an old rusty Saturday night special fires even without bullets, a junked car starts up and runs. The lifespan of the object’s renewed usefulness can be extended to one full day by spending a point of Willpower, but the object requires proper power, fuel, and ammunition in such circumstances.

Rank Two

Mousetrap (Level Two)
The Engineer is at his best when at his worst. Able to call up an uncanny burst of ingenuity when up against the wall, this Gift allows him to build a trap out of anything at hand. This gift is taught by a packrat-spirit.

System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Wits + Craft — the difficulty depends on how much spare material is laying around to work with. Success allows the Ratkin to McGyver together some manner of insane death trap in (15 – Cunning) minutes.

Power Surge (Level Two)
By speaking with electricity spirits, the Ratkin causes a blackout over a widespread area. An electricity elemental teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Science (difficulty 7). The number of successes determines how large of an area is blacked out. One success would black out a single room, while five would cut the power to a whole neighborhood.

Rank Three

Control Complex Machine (Level Three)
Similar to Control Simple Machine, the Engineer may now converse with and command the spirits of electronic devices such as computers, smart phones, and cars. A Net-Spider teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Science or Computer. The Storyteller sets the difficulty based on how complex the machine is (8 for a standard laptop). The Ratkin’s control lasts for one scene.

Electroshock (Level Three)
The Engineer are the tribe of glass, steel, and electricity. This last element can be used to directly damage opponents that the Engineer can either touch, or who are touching a conductive material such as metal or water. An electricity spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player spends a number of Rage points. Each point of Rage spent inflicts two levels of aggravated wounds on the Engineer’s opponents. These levels of damage may be divided among as many opponents as the number of Rage points invested in this Gift. As usual, the character cannot spend more Rage than half of his permanent rating in one turn.

Rank Four

Battery (Level Four)
The Ratkin Engineer scrambles together some means of energizing himself or other wererats. This is likely to involve a mixture of electricity, packs of store-bought batteries, energy drinks, illegal drugs — or a fusion of all of the above. This Gift is taught by a squirrel-spirit.

System: The player rolls Wits + Craft and spends one point of Gnosis to create the “pick-me-up,” which then may be administered at any point within the next (Cunning) days; after that, it loses its potency. The Gift’s beneficiary may increase a physical Attribute by one per two successes rolled, for the duration of a scene.

Rank Five

Death Ray (Level Five)
The wererat can discharge energy through his fingertips. Granted, he needs to hook himself up to a car battery or wall outlet for a few hours a day, but hey — Death Ray. So worth it. An electric elemental teaches this Gift.

System: The character must spend at least an hour “meditating” while attached to a supply of electricity. Afterwards, the player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Infamy (difficulty 6) to aim the Death Ray. It has a range of 50 feet, and inflicts (Rage + Gnosis) dice of aggravated damage. The Death Ray can be shot once per hour spent “juicing up.”

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