Elegant System

Elegant System Rolling

Each Player Begins with one d10

If the player has a trait that would help the roll they add + 2d10 to the roll.
If the player has an ability that helps they add + 1d10
The player then rolls their dice taking the highest.

6 – is one success
7 - is two successes
8 - is three successes
9 - is four successes
10 - is five successes

If you roll below that you fail

5 – Straight Fail
4 – Straight Fail
3 - 1 Botches
2 – 2 Botches
1 – 3 Botches

a player may BURN a Trait to give themselves 2 Additional dice. This Trait is considered gone from the character until the next day in character or the next session, storyteller's discretion. Traits may also be BURNED along with a Willpower point for a Trait not on the sheet.

The storyteller may determine a roll should not be made unskilled, at this time if the player does not have the Ability for that roll they receive a -1d10 penalty. An Ability maybe BURNED to negate this.

A Willpower Point maybe BURNED at any time to bring back all Burned Abilities, it may also be burned to add a + 2 to the total on the highest dice. Willpower can be regained by the character putting themselves out for the ideals of their tribe.

If a player or the storyteller wants to make things harder for you they can either bid a negative trait you have which gives you a – 2 to your highest dice. They may also choose to BURN a Negative Trait and give you – 4 Dice, this Negative Trait cannot be used against you until the next storyline if it is BURNED.

Should your dice pool drop below One for each dice below one roll an extra dice and take the lowest number all benefits or negative that would go to the highest now apply to this dice.

Everyone states the Action they wish to make, any positives or negatives they wish to inflicted upon someone else.

Everyone then rolls. The Highest roll goes first and down the line any actions that would negate another do so.

For example stabbing someone who is trying to shoot you negates their action.

There are three Combat statuses to try and inflict on someone else or an NPC. Disabled where they are still conscious but unable to fight, Knocked out where they are knocked out, and Dead where the Character is killed.

Players may cancel Combat Statuses by BURNING points from their Health Pool Which Begins at 10. Injuries should be roleplayed.

When something is Burned that means it is used and is effectively gone, this either comes back after a full night's rest, or until the next story, this is at the discretion of the storyteller.

Gnosis can be used to cross over into the Umbra a long with various gifts. You need to accumulate a certain Number of Successes to pass through the gauntlet, you may take several turns to do so, any botches minus from your total successes if your successes go into the negatives then you are stuck in between a number of turns equal to the negative number.

  • Deep Woods - One Success.
  • Small Town or lots of Cottages - Two Successes
  • Large Park in City - Three Successes
  • Suburbs - Four Successes
  • City - Five Successes

To regain Gnosis you must meditate at a Caern or spend time in the Umbra.

Rage can be spent to get an extra turn, rage can only be spent in this manner equal to the half the character's Physical Traits1 or their permanent Rage which ever is lower.

Rage must be rolled when ever a character is angry, weather he stubs his toe or is insulted, of is just overly frustrated with a video game. for each success the Garou gets a new dot of temp rage even if this exceeds his total. When the rage exceeds the Garou's Willpower the Garou's Willpower dice are rolled against the Garou's Permanent Rage dice.

If the Rage dice rolls higher than the Willpower dice the Garou Frenzies. If the Garou's Temporary Rage goes above 10 they Wyrm Frenzy spending at least down to ten.

If your rage is below your permanent rage and you receive 1 rage point, if it is the moon of your auspice you temp rage will equal your permanent rage.

Rage Vs. Gnosis
Rage and Gnosis Cannot be used at the same time. Rolled or Burned.

Willpower Vs. Rage
If your character's temp rage exceeds their willpower they gain a - 1 dice penalty on all none intimidation based social rolls, on intimidation based social rolls Garou gains + 1 dice.

Same thing if the Garou's rage exceeds a mortal's willpower but only for that mortal.

Natural Healing and Regeneration

Garou replenish Health Points Lost from Negating Disabled or Knocked Out Status at one point per minute or round. In combat you need to make a Physical Challenge to do so.

Points Lost to Negating Dead take an Hour to replenish and Silver Damage takes a day.

Kinfolk replenish Health Points One point per Hour from Disabled or Knocked Out Statuses and one point per day from Death Status.

Replenishing this pool happens injuries shortest to longest.

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