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Edelmar is a Elder Ahroun Silver Fang, Ed has several different Garou living inside of him and it can be confusing to figure out who he is at the time, though primarily he identifies himself as Edelmar Watchmen, though he does allow others to get away with calling him Ed. Edelmar has a Homid kinfolk wife named Lamentation, she was given the name after the Original Caern fell as the only survivor. Legally Edelmar's wife owns the land the caern is on.

"A true King is a slave to his noble obligation. A true general does what needs to be done for his troops. A Silver Fang must be as much a servant as he is a leader."

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Edelmar Watchman's Known History

Ed was born to two Silver Fang Lupus kinfolk, he was born along with several other pups all of which died shortly after birth, Edelmar was the only one to survive and his manifestation of other personalities maybe remnants of his brothers and sister since his multiple personality disorder seems to vary from the normal mental affliction. Then again manifesting new mental conditions is not bizarre for a Silver Fang.

After Ed shifted he rose through the ranks of the Warriors of House Wyrmfoe quickly deciding to focus on the material side of things as a member of the Sun Lodge, since Lupus tend towards the spiritual and the Moon Lodge there is a good chance Edelmar did so to round himself out.

At Adren Ed started his own pack taking on young Silver Fang Ahrouns to teach them how to be honourable and proud warriors. The Pack of the Icy Stare gained renown for producing excellent warrior. The pack never has more then one member of one rank, when ever a member reaches the same rank as another there is a challenge the winner leaves to form their own pack and is then replaced with a new member.

When Edelmar heard of the Silver Fangs abandoning the former Silver Fang Caern he arrived to defend the area, marrying the owner and only remaining Fang kinfolk from the slaughtered sept. Weather this is a romantic attachment can some times be hard to tell.

After the caern was re-opened Edelmar stayed on as the Warder and also Elder Ahroun continuing his life's passion as a trainer of Proud Garou Warriors.

Edelmar Watchman's Current State

Edelmar as Warder can always be found on the Caern grounds, he and his wife Lamentation live on the brawn in a small cottage that was formerly a guest house for the destroyed manor, the two of them have a son who is approaching two. They have not bothered to perform the rite to see if he will be a garou yet.

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