Dynamic Rank Rules

Wolfshade Dynamic Rank Rules

We have been finding that the awarding renown is hard with as many packs, [as our packs] are a little more fractured than we had foreseen so we have some more steam lined system for a more dynamic game.

Basically, if you feel your character should gain rank then have them challenge for it. You will be given a rank challenge which you might fail if your character doesn't display problem solving or ability for the rank they want; they will then have to try for it again later.

If you wish to challenge for your rank then you must talk to your Pack Storyteller; if you don't have a pack ST (or likewise your ST hasn't been around) then please speak with the staff. If they give you the go-ahead then you can challenge ICly.

You must have an approved sheet before you can challenge for rank.

You must wait a number of months equal to the rank you want to challenge for before making a challenge. It is assumed that only activities which took place in game and often were rolled for will be considered, especially if you have no approval or effect from a pack ST.

This is a good rule of thumb for when you will be ready for rank: What Ranks Mean

If your character has not had a chance to do much because they are without a pack ST currently, you must wait a number of months equal to twice the rank you want before making a challenge. This assumes your character has done nothing to make others angry and you have had no chance to show that your character deserves the rank you are challenging for.

Special note: all month counts are started again after either your new rank is gained or you fail your rank challenge. Re-challenges after failed rank challenges are always able to be done in the minimum amount of time. For example if you waited four months to challenge for Fostern then you only have to wait two months to challenge again.

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